The Gadgets And Gizmos Transforming Driving

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Improvements in technology have transformed our lives, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the car. The plethora of car gadgets and gizmos now on the market have served to make driving easier, safer and more satisfying for petrol heads. Gone are the days where just getting from A to B was enough, the driving experience is now far more than that. Here are a few popular pieces of tech which are increasingly being found in cars across the world.

Motorway driving can become quite monotonous and therefore it’s easy to lose attention on long drives. But with lane change assistants, you can significantly reduce your chances of running into trouble. The assistant surveys the road when you are looking to change lanes and warns you if other vehicles are in the way. Similar sensor technology is also in place to help you reverse. When moving into tight spaces, cars equipped with the gadgets notify you when the rear of the vehicle could be about to hit something.

A pocket-sized jump starter is a handy little addition to any car. Dead batteries happen and are typically a nightmare to sort out – especially if you’re away from home. However, these miniature devices ensure you will be back on the road quickly, and since they usually come with USB ports too, you can charge your other portable devices at the same time. The size of the lithium battery varies depending on the device, meaning you may get more charges from some jump starters than others. They can either be charged in-car or via a mains socket and many models come with LED lighting to let you know when you are running low on charge.

Portable cameras are helping to protect drivers. Devices such as the GoPro are being set up in cars to capture incidents. The portable cameras can be mounted to the dashboard of your car which makes them perfect to film from the driver’s perspective. As well as being able to determine who is at fault in an accident, good drivers will see their car insurance premiums lowered if they have a portable camera installed. The devices are battery-powered and many of the new models can film in 1080p HD quality.

Controlling your car through a smartphone is currently all the rage. Once connected, you can enter your car without needing the keys and also turn it on from afar – ideal in the winter so you can heat it up before getting in. If you have family who use the vehicle, having it linked with the smartphone gives you peace of mind as you can always locate your car thanks to GPS tracking.

The introduction of Bluetooth into cars has made driving far safer. While using your phone when driving is illegal in many places, people still often do it but with a gizmo such as the BlueAnt they no longer have to. When connected with your phone, you can make and answer calls all via voice recognition, so you never have to miss that important conversation.

Head-up displays (HUD) have grown in popularity – unsurprisingly considering their effectiveness and the extra safety they provide. Instead of looking down at the dashboard while driving, the HUD projects a graphic onto the windscreen informing you of your speed, potential delays, navigation and more. HUDs are one of the best car gadgets out there and guarantee that you’ll never have to take your eyes off of the road.

These car gadgets and gizmos which were once cool extras are quickly becoming must-haves. While increased technology was once thought to be just a distraction for drivers, it has been harnessed to not only be useful, but to make driving much safer.



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