5 Important Tips that will help you get Quality Corporate Headshots

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In most of the developed companies the quality corporate headshots are very basic and common term. This is considered to be a basic requirement of the executives and the employees. The photos are then used on the promotional content, business card and also the company website. Most people do not like their photo to be taken, and this is clear on the day of taking corporate headshots in the company. The corporate headshots are going to be seen by a lot of people and many people feel that these headshots are very generic and they do not have a good feel to it.

The below mentioned tips will help you get the great quality in your corporate headshots and make people go wow:

  1. The first point to keep in mind is to avoid the office lighting. In most of the cases the corporate headshots are taken in the office, and the lights there are a combination of fluorescent and overhead. Both these lights are not really a good option for the corporate headshots. You will need a proper combination of natural and a plenty of room light. So make sure to make the best use for the same.
  2. When people come to the office in the morning, they are not in the best position for the photos. It is best to schedule for the photos in the afternoon after the lunch. At this time people are more cheerful and in their happy moments it will be the best time to take their photos. When people are relaxed they pose naturally and you are able to capture a happy rather than a confused and a stressed face.
  3. It is best to give considerable amount of time for the next photo. Some people schedule a gap of just 5 minutes between each interval but this is visible in the kind of facial expressions that these employees give. So you need to give at least 10-15 minutes between each photo so that the others can relax and not hurry for the photo session. This is important because it takes considerable amount of time for some people to feel relaxed in front of the camera and it is the company representation so you need to make sure that people look happy and cheerful.
  4. Make sure that you give enough privacy for the person. Most people are nervous in front of the camera and so it is important to realize the need to give them the needed privacy. If the person is already nervous and there are others looking at him/her then it will make them more nervous. So schedule it in a way that gives them the needed privacy and also make sure that these are in small groups or small teams so that the session can go on smoothly without any hassle.
  5. One of the most common mistakes that most businesses make is to take generic backdrop for their business. If your business is personable and friendly, then make sure to do the same with the headshots. In this regard it will be helpful to take their photos in the background with their work station or other natural backgrounds rather than one bland and boring backdrop for all.

Having the corporate headshots is an essential thing for most businesses. However, you need to make sure that you follow the above mentioned points so that your photos are not boring and dull. The above mentioned points will also help you accomplish the task with the quality corporate headshots for your organization.


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