Road Worthy | Tips For Keeping a New Car In Pristine Condition

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We all know the feeling, right?

The rego statement arrives, you take one look at the shape your car is in and wonder which out of your firstborn child or your left kidney you should sell in order to afford the repairs necessary to pass roadworthy.

It’s a cost and a hassle we all dread. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do to keep your car in better condition so that you will pass the roadworthy first time, and all your organs and children can remain exactly where they are.

Avoid this.

Avoid Rust

While it might not look like much of a problem, rust can be an instant roadworthy danger sign. Even bubbles or blemishes in the paint or duco can be a sign of impending rust, and cause the inspector to reach for his or her red pen. This is particularly of concern if you have some bumps or scratches on your bumper. For the best bumper repairs Sydney has to offer, check your local guides.

Keep Your Wipers Fresh

You don’t need to wait for the roadworthy report to get the right wipers for your car. Usually starting at just a few bucks, installing them is incredibly easy, and you can save yourself the mechanic’s markup and labor charges.

Healthy Tire Tread

This one always gets me.

I’m the kind of guy that waits until the mesh is showing before thinking about possibly changing my tires. The truth is that bald tires are a genuine safety issue, and the law requires tread thickness of at least 1.5mm for very good reasons. What’s more, if you wait until roadworthy time, they know that they have you over a barrel and will charge accordingly. Do yourself a favor and shop around for good deals on new or reconditioned tires and replace them yourself. Rotating your tires regularly will also extend their lifespan and save you a packet.

Let There Be Light

This is another item that is so cheap and easy to fix yourself, but can really add up if the professionals are doing it. It’s just so simple to check your headlights, high beams, brake lights and indicators. Don’t forget the number plate lights as well!

Anything that’s not working will cost only $10-$15 to replace at the most, and doing it yourself is so simple, you’ll kick yourself if you have to pay someone else to do it.

Exhausting Your Options

Leaks or cracks in your exhaust system can be a big deal. The worse they get, the harder and more expensive they are to fix. If you’re paying attention, you can easily pick up tell-tale signs of elevated engine noise that may be early warning signs of exhaust problems. If you find them early enough, you can avoid complicated and expensive repairs.

Safety Is As Easy As ABC

That stands for Accelerator, Brake & Clutch.

These three items will form the core of your inspection, and are absolutely critical to ensuring the safety of your vehicle. These parts will always wear over time, however by ensuring that you keep up with your regular tune-up schedule and check your fluids regularly, you will be able to pick little problems before they become big ones.
The bottom line is: stay on top of the basics, do as much as you can yourself and you will be surprised at how simple your roadworthy test can be, not to mention how light it is on your pocketbook. It really does not take much effort or resources to ensure that you pass first time, every time, so that you can get on with your life and keep your bank balance looking healthier.


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