Why Wear a High Waisted Bikini?

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High Waisted Swimsuit
A high waist bikini from the 1950s may be considered retro or vintage but that wasn’t always the case. The modern bikini is an invention of the 20th century brought upon by changing shifts in society and fashion. The swimwear of women in the early 20th century was very different than today. The shift was accelerated in mid-century by the advent of the bikini that rocked the fashion world with the power of the atomic bomb after which it was named.

Throughout history swimming and bathing many times were done nude. There are examples from Greek times, like the murals in Pompeii of the Roman goddess Venus, or other areas around that time, where you will see women wearing what look like the high waisted swimwear from 1969. Then over the centuries wearing clothes while swimming went out of fashion until the 18th century when women wore swimsuits made out of long dresses called “bathing gowns” that had weights as parts of the hems so that the gowns did not float up in the water. By 1910 attitudes were changing towards women swimwear and form-fitting single swim pieces became popular, but only after Annette Kellerman, an Australian swimmer and performer was put into jail after she wore a form-fitting one piece suit on a Boston beach in 1907. The inclusion of women’s swimming into the Olympics and the changes in fashion it inspired was one of the reasons why women’s swimwear, including high waisted bathing suits, became increasingly revealing and practical over the years.

A high waistline bikini from the 1950s may be looked at retro or classic but that wasn’t always the situation. The present day bikini can be a technology of the 20th hundred years brought after by changing shifts in population and fashion. The swimwear of ladies in the first 20th hundred years was completely different than today. The shift was accelerated in mid-century by the advent of the bikini that rocked the style world with the energy of the atomic bomb and it was named.

Throughout record going swimming and bathing often were done nude. You can find examples from Greek times, like the murals in Pompeii of the Roman goddess Venus, or the areas around that right time, where you will notice women wearing what appears to be the high waisted swimwear from 1969. Then above the centuries wearing clothes while swimming went of fashion before 18th century when women wore swimsuits crafted from long dresses called “bathing gowns” that had weights as elements of the hems so the gowns didn’t float up in water.

To look alluring and make sure that your swimsuit flatters your system type, the main move to make is be comfortable. You should admit and become comfortable in your size or you can also go for a waist trainer which can certainly help you to cut down your waist and help you get that sexy look. Try to be healthy rather than slender. Whatever styles you select – one-piece, high waisted bikini or a two-piece outfit – you must ensure that you are comfortable in it. Self-assurance shows, as well as your attitude will be the primary requirement which makes or breaks the appearance of your going swimming costume!

A higher waisted bikini can be considered a plus size women’s best ally. It includes full coverage, helps hide extra flab and permits you to look slimmer and toned. There was the right time when these bikinis were available in monochrome colors only, but nowadays various clothing and sports companies are mentioning a fresh and interesting selection of high waisted swimsuits.

Here are some benefits associated with flaunting a higher waisted bikini:

1. Comfortable Fit

You must choose to buy bikinis made out of stretchable and breathable materials. While breathable fabric prevents excessive perspiration, stretchable material offers better and convenient fit. Make sure you get your bikini in the right size. That is a lot more important if you are deciding on a higher waisted style. It is because this kind of bikini stresses your underlying part area and an ill-fitted or saggy appropriate on getting damp, will ruin its complete look. It’s also advisable to prefer thicker textiles rather than the flimsy ones as they contain the form with an improved fit.

2. Stylish Designs

High waisted bikini style is very much indeed in vogue nowadays. Young girls are tinkering with their bikinis and looks can be purchased in a multitude of designs and colors. Polka dots, animal prints, horizontal and vertical stripes, graffiti art, floral pattern – you can make the one that suits your personality. You should use style to cover up your imperfections also! For example, you may use a peplum style bikini to cover a flabby stomach, padded swimwear to include volume to a set bosom, halter neck to emphasize cleavage, and skirt to cover up flabby thighs.

3. Maximum Coverage

By offering full dental coverage plans, high waisted bikinis enable you to cover your trouble spots like love holders, huge waist, bulging tummy, and heavy sides. This style also offers extra cover for the bikini area and therefore prevents likelihood of infection while going swimming. However, many women believe that it looks similar to a beach diaper when compared to a sexy swimsuit. If you’re one particular, then don’t fret, just get one with a tiny skirt and convert an extended underwear to an attractive micro mini!

Bear in mind an elegant bikini is insufficient always, it will also be well-fitted, according to your system type, must go with your skin layer shade and wild hair color, and almost all of all cause you to feel assured, comfortable, and captivating. You need to also accessorize it well with a declaration necklace or a fascinating handcuff to complete the appearance. So, just wear a trendy high waisted bikini and revel in the beach season in glamour and style!

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