Caring For Your Fur Coat

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A fur coat is a sight to behold, and for good reason. In addition to being a symbol of class, it is nothing if not functional: it can keep the cold away in frigid temperatures better than just about any synthetic non-fur material.

Just as importantly, fur coats tend to keep their worth for years if they’re subjected to good care. If you have something as expensive as sable fur, gray fox, mink, or others, then Fox and Klaff Fur Appraisals is the way to go for a comprehensive assessment of every important aspect of your fur coat.

Making Sure Your Fur Coat Looks its Best

Since it’s a good idea to get a fur appraisal at least once a year, you should invest a bit of time and good practices in the upkeep of your valued fur clothing and accessories. Like any article of clothing, the coat can lose its form if you don’t hang it up properly; avoid narrow wire hangers and opt for a broad, padded variant. How broad? Enough so that the coat’s collar isn’t too close to the hanging rod.

It’s best to keep your fur coat out of the light, as well, so place it in the middle or back of your closet during the warmer months. During the cold seasons, it is of course alright to leave it out – it’s only a few months, and the sun rarely makes a full-blown appearance anyway.

Avoid This Common Mistake

Although you rarely see this with some of the more expensive fur coats, such as mink or sable – as the owners know better – you will see it with less experienced wearers of fine fur. Never place your coat in a plastic bag to keep dust off it. The under hairs as well as the guard hairs are hollow in furs such as caribou, and the lack of air circulation will eventually cause them to dry and crack. If you must keep your coat in a garment bag, make sure it’s very breathable.

While you’re heeding this advice, also avoid wearing a heavy purse or handbag constantly over the shoulder area. You wouldn’t want the expensive fur rubbing away – this would most certainly reduce its resale value, as well as its ability to keep you warm. You’ll create a region where the cold can seep in through the rest of the outfit and render the fur coat largely useless for prolonged outings in the elements.

Keeping Your Fur Coat Clean

After all, before you bring it in for appraisal, you want to put the proverbial best foot forward. Even if your fur is sealskin or some other hydrophobic (water-repellent) brand, it’s a good idea to always shake any excess snow or water loose before you store it. As brilliantly water-repellent as sealskin is, no natural fur is 100% waterproof. There’s no need to use a hair dryer or clothes dryer – after all, do the animals of nature use one after they emerge from the sea or lake? It will air dry quite nicely on its own. Afterwards, fluff the hairs a bit, but don’t comb or brush them otherwise they may shed excessively.

These tips will help you keep your prized fur coat in tip-top shape before your appraisal; make them a habit and nature’s gift will last a long time.

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