Hosting A Home Poker Game

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Let’s face it; poker is hands-down one of the best card games in history. If you haven’t played the ultimate game of bluffing before, you’re definitely missing out.

Now, there are different ways you can play poker. Most go to a casino; some play online on their phone through a simulator or a live dealer. Another great way to play poker is by hosting it at home with friends, and watching the money come in (or so you hope!)

This is a great twist to your standard dinner party, and is a fun game to play before planning to head out on the town, providing you don’t blow all of your money first.

If you’re planning to host a home poker game, it’s time to go all out. From cocktails to snacks, cards to a live dealer, it’s time to cover all grounds to ensure you provide a glam, fun filled evening with of course a touch of luxury – Casino Royale style.

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure you have the basics for any poker game:

  • Cards
  • Chips
  • A round table/table suitable for poker
  • Rules printed off

Make sure that you aren’t skimping out on cheap pound store cards and flimsy chips, and download a copy of the rules of poker to avoid any arguments mid game. It’s also essential that all cash is kept openly to avoid any mishaps or misplacement of cash. The last thing you want is not enough cash to cover the chips that are currently in play.

Ensuring that you have a round table will also be half of the battle; it’ll stop your guests from peeping at each other’s cards and actually leaves you plenty of room for your food and drinks on the table, too!

For first time players, it may be worth doing an open hand first to understand the fundamentals of poker and familiarize you with the rules.

Create the perfect atmosphere

Food & Drink

Now, it’s time to set the mood. We’re going for glam, so a bag of crisps and a few beers simply won’t do. As we said, it’s Casino Royale style.

Having ample amounts of nibbles for your guests is an absolute essential – no one wants to go hungry mid-way through a poker game. Canapés, olives and nuts are the best way to go, as these are easy finger foods that can be complimented with cocktails.

Please note – it is poker etiquette to not eat finger-foods whilst playing a hand. As a host, you should set up intervals where your guests can have a snack and a cocktail to refresh them before returning to the next game.

There’s also no need to mess around with heating up difficult foods if canapés are what you want to go for. If you want to learn more about easy canapés you can make (whilst still WOWing your friends) click here for more information.

Do you like your cocktails shaken or stirred? – Because some fancy (but easy) cocktails are on the menu for your home poker night. Think Tequila Sunrise and Lychee Coolers to set the scene for the evening.  A site that deals with this in detail is: where you can get some “drinkspiration” for your guests.

Feel free to bring out the standard guest refreshments such as beer, wine and prosecco if cocktails will be too much of a chore – no tins, please!

Adding in the regular food and drink intervals can be another fun aspect of your evening – as you could even show off your cocktail making skills to your guests.

The Game

Now you’ve got the chips, the cards, the food and the drink – it’s now time to add the final touches to your home poker night right before the guests arrive.

You may find half way through your night that the mood may start to slump – as some of your guests may start to get bored of just playing poker all evening. Have no fear – there is one more finishing touch you can add.

If you’ve every played blackjack or roulette before, you’ll know that this can be another fun game to throw into your evening – however funding a roulette table and setting up blackjack after you’ve already provided a whole poker evening can be an unnecessary expense.

Luckily, there are opportunities to use live dealers to play blackjack and roulette online, so your guests have multiple options. This also means that as a host, you have thought of every potential thing to make your night successful, and an event to remember.  Set up a computer with a big screen and those who want to change gears and play some blackjack our roulette can do so in their own time. Global online casino companies have setup warehouses where hundreds of live dealers are streamed live to all corners of the globe. This is the modern way of incorporating into your poker night.

We hope you have a great time hosting your home poker night, good luck!


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