Why Dr. Edward Alvarez Is Leading in Dental Innovation

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Dr. Edward Alverez, dentist, innovation, New York dentist

Dr Edward Alverez

Finding the right dentist can be a daunting task especially if you are looking to do a cosmetic procedure.  Whether you live in New York City or plan to make a special trip, there is only one dentist you should turn to for the perfect smile.

Located in Murray Hill, New York City, Dr. Edward Alvarez provides clients with cutting edge cosmetic dentistry and restorative dental treatments. He is highly skilled and experienced in procedures such as implants, crowns and bridges, inlays/onlays, bonding, mercury free dentistry, teeth whitening and some of the most sought out dental treatments. Dr. Alvarez is an expert at CEREC same-day, custom-made veneers and smile makeovers, using the latest in dental technology, top quality materials and high standards of treatment. Dr. Alvarez holds an acupuncture degree from Harvard University and is also an expert in the use of Botox and dermal fillers to enhance the appearance of your face and smile.

Dr. Edward Alverez, dentist, innovation, New York dentist

Here are some of the services that involve new technology in dentistry that are offered by Dr. Edward Alvarez for his patients:

  • Cosmetic dentistry:

When you have an appointment with Dr. Alvarez, patients receive a full assessment of their gums, teeth, bite, lips, as well as their whole facial structure. The types of changes to your smile, as they pertain to your face, and that would be best for you, are made very precise under his treatment. Extensive and exact measurements are taken, such as the length of your teeth, the distance between the gum and the lips and whether your teeth are lined up with your face in an upright position. Bonding, bleaching and veneers are all integrated to give your smile a brighter and more beautiful appearance.

  • Implants:

These are artificial “teeth” made of titanium, which are surgically implanted in the jaw for patients who have lost their teeth. Dr. Alvarez can then place an all ceramic crown or bridge, which is free of any metal, to give you back a beautiful, natural looking smile.

  • All Tissue Dental lasers:

Instead of using traditional tools, like a dental drill or scalpel, Dr. Alvarez can use a laser to treat many of the problems patients face. The main purpose of laser dentistry is to have a more conservative alternative, a method that can be more exact and reduces the need for anesthesia, a treatment which also reduces post treatment complications and a method where healing time is minimized. The laser that Dr. Alvarez incorporates in his practice, uses water instead of heat, to cut teeth and remove decayed or infected tissue. Dr. Alvarez was one of the first dentists in NYC to incorporate an all-tissue dental laser, and has been using it successfully for almost 15 years.

  • CEREC:

Through CEREC, you can now have inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, or even a full mouth reconstruction done in just one visit. CEREC is a CAD/CAM system, which stands for Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing and is something that has been in use by aerospace, engineering, architecture and other industries for many years. The process, which takes just over an hour, involves doing a digital scan of your teeth, which then creates a computerized 3-D model. From that point, Dr. Alvarez will virtually design your new smile, and send the design to a computer controlled milling chamber that will manufacture your new tooth right there in the office. The tooth, or teeth, is then cemented the same day and you will walk out with your new smile. No temporaries and no second visits are needed.

Dr. Alvarez is one of the few dentists in New York City who has an advanced certification in CEREC Mastery from the prestigious Scottsdale Center for Dentistry, and has been using CEREC CAD/CAM technology for almost a decade.  

  • Other Technology:

Entering Dr. Alvarez’s office takes you into the modern age of medicine and dentistry. Dr. Alvarez also features other technology such as digital radiography that reduces your x-ray exposure by up to 90%, digital intra-oral cameras that are small enough to show you every little detail from inside your mouth on a 50-inch flat screen TV and infra-red cameras that can see in between your teeth and through your enamel without any radiation at all. There are lasers that can find hidden decay, as well as lasers that can be used as part of his acupuncture treatment to reduce pain. He uses lasers, that unlike blue LED whitening systems that call themselves “laser tooth whitening”, actually use  laser energy to whiten and bleach teeth. The office is truly an example of dental technology and dental innovation.

The moment you walk into Dr. Alvarez’s office, you will be welcomed like family and feel at home where all your needs for comfort are met in a professional manner by the entire staff. You will have no doubt as to why Dr. Alvarez is recognized as a refined talent in the field of cosmetic dentistry with a commitment to the most modern and advanced dental innovations.

For more information about Dr. Edward Alvarez, please visit the website: and to make an appointment, please call (212) 684-4463.


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