10 innovative backdrop themes for your photo booth

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Whatever you might say or whichever kind of opinion you may have about photo booths in particular, one thing is for sure. And that is – photo booths have definitely been successful as far as making the transition from being a mere fun novelty to an actual event mainstay. Looking at the past few years, there’s really no two ways about that statement in particular.

Additionally, with that transition, photo booths have also shifted their focus towards reinventing themselves. This fact is quite obvious, as a number of photo booth services have also taken it upon themselves to come up with more exciting and innovative ideas to stand out from the rest of the pack. It could be the case with a photo booth in Edinburgh or anywhere else. The fact of the matter is that photo booths have started looking beyond the generic 2-D photo booth backdrop.

Now, on that very note, let’s take a close look at some of the interactive backdrop ideas of today that a lot of photo booths tend to employ :-


  • The trashed hotel room look: This is a setup where guests can pose while pretending to live the decadent and over-the-top rockstar life. Quite the fun and quirky theme.
  • A movie-themed space: In this particular theme, visitors get to enter the worlds and scenes of some of the most renowned Hollywood films. By posing for some of the most iconic film scene with actual props, this theme is slowing becoming more popular by the day.
  • An oversize golden picture frame: Although this might sound a tad over-the-top for a lot of people out there, a great many people tend to see this theme as being both fun and stylish as well.
  • A ski-lift chair: Figuratively speaking, this is quite the cool and innovative theme. Basically, this entails a person sitting in a proper ski-lift chair against a backdrop of snow.
  • The central park theme: A backdrop based on Central Park would be the perfect theme for New York lovers all across the globe. Not to mention the fact that this particular theme even includes all the lamp posts, shrubs, trees and other backdrops that are decked with the classic New York city architecture.
  • The floating theme: Quite popular and a wild favourite at specific galas, this theme mainly entails the deceptive look that people are floating in midair. Quite the ingenious and speculative theme indeed.
  • The forest theme: In this, the photo backdrop consists of a forest scene with lush greenery, white birch trees as well as a lantern-lit pathway.
  • The White House backdrop: Quite the bizarre and amazing theme that is bound to have people lining up to get their pictures taken in a jiffy. In this theme, one has their picture taken in side-by-side replicas of the Oval office as well as the White House Press Room.
  • A campsite-themed area: Here, quite a few guests pose in a photo op area, that’s completely set up to look like a real campsite. This is along with a fire pit, faux grass, a tend and other similar props.
  • The wedding bed theme: This one is specifically for all of the wedding lovers out there. Here, guests are mainly shot from above lounging in a bed, while using custom pillows as props.

  At the end of the day, a lot of these innovative ideas are perfect for those of you looking for a more deeper and interactive experience on the whole. However, if you’re looking to keep things as simple as possible, sticking with straightforward 2D backdrops would not be such a bad idea. Ultimately, the choice is yours.


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