Semi sensible: Mix fun with practicality with these 7 fantastic gift ideas

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How many of us have had that dreaded moment?
You know the one I’m talking about, the one that comes with the Kris-kringle gifts you get for colleagues at work, or the same boring gift you end up giving every birthday.
Yep, that polite statement from the receiver: “Aww, thanks, it’s just what I wanted/needed”, when deep down inside you know they’re probably screaming “Yet another one to add to the pile.”


All too often, we receive gifts that we don’t use, and this commonly happens with the men in our lives. We’ve all heard of the practical gifts of socks and/or underwear. Yet there’s no fun in them.
In this modern era, it’s hard to keep up with what’s on trend with how fast cool fads change, especially for guys. One minute it’s the man bun, the next, the hipster beard.

So, how do you get the men in your life a gift they’ll actually like and use more than once? Well here are seven great gift ideas for the next time you’re stuck on gifts for dudes.


  1. Add some class to their liquor cabinet:

Gift sites such as Yellow Octopus have some great presents, especially if the man you’re buying for likes the finer poisons in life. If your boyfriend, husband or dad enjoys a drop of whiskey, diamond shaped tumblers can be a great idea.

  1. Give something that is meaningful and memorable:

    All too often, we focus on materialistic items, but what about those he will actually cherish. Lifehacker has some great ways to create a gift he will treasure, and better yet, they can go on display.


We all have photos of those we love, so whether it’s a photo from you and your partner’s first date or your Dad first teaching you how to ride a bike, framing this with a few other prized pictures can be a great gift.

  1. A great experience can last a lifetime.

Does your Dad take a particular interest in horses, or does your boyfriend like the thought of being among the clouds? Pairing a particular activity with something they enjoy can show how much you know about them. There are a wide array of companies that offer experiences, such as hot air ballooning, that will make them feel as if you really took the time to understand what they like.


  1. Aim for something you can share:

Does your Dad or partner fancy himself as a wine connoisseur?
A trip to a local winery can be a lovely day out. Those such as the Walkabout Motel in Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia offer the chance to hire a stretched limousine for either a half or full day and take you around some of the local vineyards, allowing you to sample without worrying about driving.

  1. Add on to something he already has or likes:

We all know how giving gift vouchers can often become the go to for someone when you don’t know what they want. If you actually pay attention, you may find something.

Is there a particular sports team he likes, or a certain brand of wine he consumes? Memberships to their respective “clubs” can often reward him with tickets to every game in a season or a certain selection of wines each month.

  1. Look at his hobbies:

Is your Dad one who is into DIY projects, or is he one who likes to be his own personal mechanic? Places such as your local hardware store can perfectly cater to the person who loves to tinker away.

  1. Give them your time:

Especially in the fast-paced world we live in now, often the most cherished gift we can give someone is our time. Whether that involves helping your Dad clean out his shed, or in the case of your partner, a movie night in, where you pay for the pizza, sometimes the simplest activities speak the most volumes.

There are among some of the seven gift ideas you can give the guy in your life. I hope that you gain reward for your efforts.

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