Taking care of your skin – How having a tasty afternoon snack can help you have a wonderful complexion

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The skin is a delicate matter and taking care of it can be one of the most fragile things you can experience. But as fickle as your skin can be, the results of taking care of it can impress you deeply and motivate you to keep doing so. There’s nothing quite like having someone compliment you on your skin, and that makes many people fear the day a zit pops up on their face or they develop some kind of rash or blemish. Not to mention the fact that almost everybody has to deal with having dry skin eventually, especially those that live in arid weather conditions.

Treat your skin with a snack

Having a snack can help you take good care of your skin. However, it won’t work with just any kind of snack. We’re talking about a specific snack which is composed of a big glass of wine (looking good so far, huh?) and a bowl of almonds (even better). These are not two randomly selected things you can eat and pretend that they help your skin. They, in fact, contain strong nutrients which help your skin protect itself and stay beautiful and fresh.

How wine helps your skin

Starting with the wine, it’s important to know that having a glass or two after work does more than help you unwind. It also packs your skin with antioxidants which allow your skin to fend off a lot of contaminants and harm-doers. As long as you make sure not to go overboard with it, wine can be great for your complexion.

Almonds now, great skin later

Almonds are the more crunchy part of this “sophisticated” skin treatment. It might not be a Korean skin care treatment but it surely leaves its mark. Eating almonds will pack your skin with Vitamin E, not to mention Omega-3. These are some of the most important vitamins and nutrients that the body could ask for when it comes to skin health. Consuming almonds is a sure bet into maintaining a wonderful complexion for yourself?

Less is more

As mentioned previously, it’s important to know the value of quantity. Just because they’re helpful doesn’t mean that you can eat almonds all day long or drink wine in the same manner without feeling the consequences. A small bowl of almonds can help your skin be beautiful but eat too many and you’ll start to feel it on your waist. Drinking too much wine, on the other hand, is pretty self-explanatory as far as bad decisions go.

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