Ways to get rid of your old car!

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People tend to keep their belonging close to them until they get distorted. Of course, there is always an emotional attachment to the things you have for more than 10 – 15 years, right?

However, it’s sometimes necessary to get rid of this stuff as they are taking space. If you keep a belonging with you, you tend to repair it again and again which takes a lot of money and time of yours. So the best option is to get rid of it as early as possible.

Now, here we are talking about cars, machines, clothes, books, etc. These things should be either given to someone or donated to an orphanage. It’s always a better deal. But today we are here to talk about your old used car.

There are many ways to get rid of your used car, for instance, you can sell used cars for cash, donate it to an orphanage, trade-it yourself or through a dealer or send it to a junk yard. Let’s talk about these options in detail and select one that suits your convenience.

Get rid of your car easily

Sell it car by yourself

The first option is to sell it by yourself. If you think that the car is still in a working condition, you can sell it quickly. However, first, you need it’s right to value and worth. People call mechanics or car selling companies to complete the process, but you can do it easily at home.

These days, there is website that allows you to get an estimated value and worth of the car within seconds. So be honest, fill in all the prerequisites, and get an assessed value. Once you know the exact value, you can sell it by yourself. Now selling part can be a little tricky as you have to either inform people around you or just upload the features and a photo of the car online. You’ll start getting calls; this may take time, so please maintain your patience.

Trade for old – buy the new

Selling your old car where you’re buying your newer car sound the easiest option. The trade in value can be a part of your purchase package deal. Before purchasing a new vehicle, let them evaluate your car’s value, this will allow you to create a beneficial deal at the end of the purchase. People choose this option as they feel they can easily sell the car and manage the amount quickly. It’s almost “a no tension deal.”

Send it to a Junkyard 

Some people can sell their old used car to a junkyard. If you believe that your vehicle is in no shape to be used further, you can consider of calling your local salvage yard. Junkyards or scrap metal companies allow you to sell your car for the best price. You might have a car that is of no use now, in such case rather than keeping it for a year or so, just sell it to a metal scrap company.

These people offer you the right price for your vehicle. You don’t have to worry about its pick – up or drop- off options, they’ll come wherever you are, they’ll see all the vehicle documents and let you know the exact price quickly.

Donate it to an orphanage

Giving your car to a shelter can help many. It may not assist you with the tax deduction but will allow you to help many others. Donating car don’t get you any many or benefit, therefore, please think twice before sending your vehicle for donation.


These were few simple ways to get rid of your old used car quickly. These options will provide you an opportunity to sit at home and the sell the car quickly. However, if you feel, you know an alternative to these options, please let us know by writing your comments below. Thank you!

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