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The whole concept of gaming has been turned somewhat on its head with the advent of the mobile revolution, and nowhere more so in the world of online betting and casino games. While video and computer games used to conjure up pictures of spotty teenagers in front of PCs or consoles, the truth is that in the world of 2017, gaming is a mainstream pastime enjoyed by men and women of all ages and demographics.

Despite being traditionally seen as a male-dominated pursuit, the majority of gamers are female, a fact to which the gaming sites are slowly but surely waking up. And it is not all about social apps such as Farmville, even if they are credited with starting the revolution. Switch on the TV and you will see numerous ads for online casinos and gaming sites, many of which are specifically aimed at women.

The growth of online casinos

When you think about it, the explosion in popularity that the online casino sites have enjoyed over the past few years should come as no surprise. First and foremost, casino games are fun and accessible. Whether it is the slots, roulette or any one of the other popular casino games that you can find online, they present an enjoyable diversion and do not require the investment of large amounts of time to either play or to understand the rules.

Add to that the possibility of actually winning some money at the same time, and you begin to see why there are more such sites popping up almost every day to meet the growing demand.

Betting online means reduced risk and greater return

This increased level of competition among the online casinos is all good news for visitors. As you can see from the website here, the sites are falling over themselves to offer new members the best introductory offers and tempt them to join, whether it is free spins or bonus deposits.

This factor not only increases their popularity, but also means they present a safer bet. One of the biggest concerns newcomers have is that they will walk into a bricks and mortar casino and by some alarming process come out thousands of pounds down, because they didn’t understand what they were doing, got carried away, or both.

When you are placing the bets from the comfort of your own home, this is far less likely, and the additional factor that your initial bids will be covered by the introductory bonus means you are not even betting with your own money. It is the perfect way to learn the ropes and find your way around at zero risk.

Reduced house edge

There is one other reason the online casinos offer a better return, and that relates to the way they operate. Physical casinos have overheads to meet, bills to pay and profit targets. These are generated by the “house edge” which represents the difference between the odds of you winning and the amount they actually pay out. Typically, it is around the five percent mark.

Online casinos have lower overheads, and can therefore operate with a reduced edge. In fact, some derive all their income from advertising revenue, and can offer zero edge betting.


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