Three Ways to Reduce Paper Waste in The Office

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Cutting down on office expenses can seem like an impossible task.  But there is one area that you can save a lot of money in if you know how.  Paper is something that every office uses and some use a lot more than others.  If your office is spending a boatload on paper, there are some things that you can do to reduce that burden.  Today, we are going to learn about three interesting ways to reduce paper waste and cost in the office. So, if you are having a problem with paper waste, you just might want to pay attention to the information below.

Keep Your Printer Maintained

One huge waste of paper in the office is paper jams.  When printers are not well-maintained, they will often have trouble feeding the paper. Instead of letting that happen, make sure that you have your printers serviced at least once a month.  For a small fee, you can hire someone to do this for you or you can save even more money by doing it yourself.  Either way, you will be using less paper which as you already know, is expensive. This is just one smart way of reducing paper waste.

Sell Your Wasted Paper

While cutting down on paper waste is the topic of this article, you won’t be able to eliminate all waste.  So, what should you do with the paper waste that you have laying around the office?  Instead of throwing it in the trash, why not sell it?  Many recycling companies will pay you money for your paper waste.  While you won’t get rich selling your paper waste, the money you get can be used for an office party or to purchase more supplies that your office needs.  Over time, this money can add up to quite a large sum and the more you can save in the office, the better. 

Think Before You Print

It might be tempting to print out things so that everyone in the office can see it on paper, but you should think before you print.  Most office memos can be emailed and there is no real need to print them.  In the past, office communications used a ton of paper but with today’s computers and smart devices, there is no need to waste money on printing paper.  Even external communications with clients can be done via the internet and some companies are now invoicing electronically thus reducing their paper costs and waste.  So, make sure that you always ask yourself: do I really need to print this out before you hit the button. 

As you can see, cutting down on paper waste is not as hard as it seems.  There are different ways to save money on paper if you put your mind to it. You can even make a few dollars for your office by selling the paper waste you do have.  Also, keeping your printers in top shape will help reduce paper jams which can be major sources of paper waste. Remember to always think before you print and send messages and memos out electronically to help further reduce waste.

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