Trick Yourself into Falling Asleep with These Excellent Tips

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If it isn’t your partner keeping you awake because of their loud snoring, it’s usually the neighbor’s music or copious amounts of stress. Sleeping is difficult for many of us to achieve, so turning to sleeping tablets is usually the route that’s taken. Of course, sleeping tablets don’t always work and some of us completely overlook them. Counting sheep doesn’t seem to work for all of us either, so our only other option is to try to trick ourselves into getting down for the count.

Roll Back Your Day

An effective way to fall asleep is to forget about it and think about how your day went in reverse order. Try to think about your thoughts, conversations, sounds, sights, and even try to think about certain points of the day when you thought “I wish I was still in bed”. Rolling back your day could help you mentally and before you know it, you’re snoring like a trooper and you’re the one keeping your partner awake.

Challenge Yourself to Stay Awake

Play the “I’m staying awake all night” game – it works a treat. Keep your eyes open for long periods and tell yourself you’re going to pull an all-nighter. Your brain won’t have any of it and it’ll make you doze off quite rapidly.

This trick works especially well if your bed is as comfortable as possible. If you’ve found the best mattress and number of pillows for you personally, then the likelihood of you succeeding in staying awake all night is low.

For more tips like these, it’s worth checking out sites like, who provide a page with useful bedtime guides, as well as information on how to choose the perfect mattress to deliver that optimum sleeping environment.

Make your sleeping environment as comfortable as possible

Being completely comfortable in your bed is essential when getting to sleep quickly. You need to decide the best combination for you personally; whether you choose

Turn Yourself Off Using Your Multiple Power Off Buttons

There are multiple pressure points on a human body that can be activated to help us nod off. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s worth trying if you’re really stuck. For example, you can press your thumb firmly between your eyebrows just above your nose. Such special points won’t send you to sleep, but it could help promote sleep.

Stop Worrying by Making a List

Many of us struggle to sleep because we’re worried we’re going to forget about something important. Therefore, simply writing a list of everything you’re worried about is a good way to tell your brain that it doesn’t need to remember anything and it can just relax. Stress is one of the most popular reasons why people can’t sleep on the night, so doing everything you can to unwind will help greatly.

Exercise a Few Hours Before You Sleep

If you haven’t done anything physical throughout the day, it can have a negative impact on sleep patterns. Your muscles aren’t going to want to relax in the evening if they’ve been relaxed all day. Getting into a regular exercise routine will help you get into a better sleeping pattern. If you exercise at around 5 pm, it could tire you out for when you want to go to bed at 10 pm.

Stress is the most common problem for sleepless nights. Unhealthy eating is yet another common reason why sleeping patterns are messy. If you eat right throughout the day and stay hydrated, as well as try the above tips before you get your head down, there’s no reason why you can’t get back into a decent pattern that’ll make your lifestyle much happier.

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