Women at Online Live Casino: Myth or Reality?

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Growing popularity of live casino amongst women

Gambling has for long been considered as an entertainment option for men. It would not have been difficult for one to find more male players when compared to female players at any Poker or Blackjack table a decade ago. However, things are now changing with female players such as Cyndy Violette and Jennifer Harman making news in the world of professional games and women involved in other casino games.


Still, for some weird reason, people tend to believe that live casino is meant exclusively for males. They believe that most of the women lack interest when it comes to online gambling. However, if recent statistics are to be believed, the myth that women have no interest to participate in live casino events is untrue. Over 30 percent of the audience in live casino games are women. What is more interesting is that this trend can be noted in land-based casinos as well.

A woman hitting a land-based or online casino is quite common as a man indulging in a game of poker in casinos. Older people still prefer playing at land-based casinos. However, most of the younger generation can be found indulging in their favourite slot or card games online. Plush Casino has become a popular choice of many young gamblers owing to the secure environment and numerous options presented to them.

Women make more passionate choices

Women are more passionate when it comes to gambling. Female gamblers tend to process faster and place bigger bets. They even walk away from live casino games with lucrative winnings in hand. Many female players are successful and are immensely respected in the world of gambling. Live casinos’ offerings by Plush Casino are popular amongst women gamblers.     

Women make smart moves while playing at a live casino

Despite being known for making passionate choices, most of the female players are pretty much conscious of monitoring their moves. They do not forget to track what is left and what has been made while indulging in live casino games. They have better control over their moves and know when to stop. Women certainly make reasonable and savvy gamblers indulging in Pink Casino games. Women do not think twice when it comes to quitting a game irrespective of whether they have lost or won. They are great at locking in great profits and minimizing losses. Men really need to learn how few women beautifully manage and exercise self-control while indulging in Pink Casino games.

Women prefer playing live casino games

While men prefer switching from one slot to another and experimenting with numerous strategies, women do not find it easy to switch as easily as their male counterparts. Women tend to make careful choices. They try out slots initially in demo mode and do read reviews offered by experts about the slots. Women indulge in slots that are visually appealing. They invest effort and time in choosing high-quality slot machines. This ensures them against any future disappointment. Men, on the other hand, are less picky when it comes to choosing live casino games. Pink casino games are immensely popular amongst women because of their lucrative offerings and vivid graphics.

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