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Tips To Help Couples Blend Styles Without Bickering

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One of the biggest challenges couples face when moving in together for the first time is blending styles. It can be hard to agree on such an important decision when emotions are already running high! Moving in with a partner can be stressful, and it’s understandable that disagreements will spring up throughout the process The most important thing couples can do when faced with this problem is to step back and see how they both can reach an agreement. Here are tips to help couples blend styles without bickering!

Coordinate your wedding registry.

One of the first steps to styling your first home together is to create a wedding registry. Oftentimes couples are first moving in together after they get married, and this sudden change can bring unexpected challenges.d Recognize that sometimes mixed styles look the best! Remember, your wedding registry forms the basis for your lives together. That means it should be a unique blend of both of your tastes! It’s okay to experiment with a mixed style, you never know what you might find! Use a registry service like Target Wedding Registry – Blueprint Registry to work together on your registry.

Consider utilizing an interior designer.

If you’re struggling to find any common ground, it might be time to recruit the help of an interior designer or stylish. These professionals have experience working with different tastes and will be able to offer unique suggestions. They also have the added benefit of taking much of the stress out of the design process. Once you begin feeling stressed by the pressure to create the perfect home, you’ll begin arguing with your partner. Research the best interior designer in your area to see how he or she can help with your particular situation.

Start fresh with new items.

If you’re struggling to decide which partner’s furniture and decor to include in the new space, you might want to consider starting fresh altogether. Selling the furniture and items you purchased before moving in together and then using that money to buy unique, new items is a great way to form a stronger connection with your partner. You’ll be able to look at your new pieces as things you bought together as a couple which can be powerful.

Buy pieces with meaning.

Sometimes you need to redirect your focus when it comes to designing your perfect home. If you’re so concerned with how things look, you might not stop to realize how they make you feel. Think of the meaning behind your home choices. What do your art pieces say about you? How does your furniture make you feel? If you reflect on feelings, you might realize you and your partner have similar intentions after all. This renewed focus might be all you need to succeed in your home styling.

Shop together for new items.

When styling a new home, one partner usually takes the reins on the process. This can lead to conflict down the line when one partner feels their style preferences haven’t been taken into account. Avoid this conflict by shopping as partners and making the decisions together. Spend quality time researching the pieces you’re interested in, and shop for them together. Ultimately, this is the best way to find a style that matches both of your tastes!

When in doubt, keep researching.

Not every style appeals to everyone. It might take time and research to figure out just the right style for your unique needs as a couple. If you and your partner can’t agree on a particular style, instead of continuing to press for that style, you might need to abandon it altogether. Search interior design publications and guides to see if there is a different idea that speaks to the both of you as a couple. It is worth investing time into finding the right style for your home! After all, this is where you’ll be spending the most time as a couple!

Blending styles as a couple shouldn’t be hard!

It can be challenging to blend your decorating styles, especially when first moving in with a partner. Whether you’re just getting married or you’ve been together for years, a lot of couples struggle to agree on the perfect style. If you take the time to research new pieces and understand the perspective of your partner, you’ll find the right blend in no time!

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