Top mistakes that make your email being ignored

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Often, our success at work depends on whether or not our recipient(s) will read our email and respond to it. In truth, it appears to be harder than it seems. Below are the 7 main mistakes that can get your emails ignored and some tips on fixing that.


  1. Your subject line is spammy

A proper subject line is a must in both communicational and marketing emails. It should be brief but to the point. In this part of your email, you should give a person the reason to open and read it. Do not forget about the spam triggers which can send your email to the Spam folder: free, save, offer, %, click now, buy, etc. Another bad choice is to start your subject line with “Re:” as if luring a respondent into the conversation which never took place. Be honest and be specific.


  1. Your subject line contains mistakes

Emails with grammatically correct subject lines had an average response rate of 34%, but it could drop to 20% if the subject contained more than one mistake. Such were the results acquired by Boomerang when the company analyzed 250,000 emails. Remember that a subject line provides the reason to read your email. How can you expect that from a recipient if you didn’t care enough to check it for mistakes?


  1. You are not personalizing your emails

Everything from a subject line to a closing should be personalized. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about marketing emails or one-on-one correspondence. You should always write directly to a particular person, because one person at a time is going to read your email. Include their name and add some relevance to your text. Also, adjust the level of formality and the voice of your writing. You can even customize your email signature if needed (see 7.).


  1. You are not offering anything

This is not just about sales offers and discounts. This is about a mutually beneficial relationship that you are building. The reason you are writing a person is because they can do something for you: buy your product, become your partner, invest in you, or share some information about your business with others. So offer to do something for them in return, whether is it a free trial of your product or paying for their coffee on some weekday.


  1. Your message is too long

People tend to ignore spacy and bulky messages, unless it is not a very personal email, and you are close friends with the recipient. In any case, you should respect the time of those you are writing to and always assume they are busy. There are over 100 emails delivered to an average inbox per day. If every email was a 1-minute read, it would take more than an hour to only read them. But what if every email took 3 minutes to read and even more to respond? This is precisely why most messages are left without attention.


  1. You don’t have a proper signature

The absence of a signature makes you look unprofessional. It is acceptable only in private correspondence. It is even better to have several different signatures that you can choose from depending on a recipient or situation. In general, you should include all the necessary information about you and list your key contact details. Do not forget to use an image: either a logo of your brand or your photo. If you are interested in sample email signatures, you can take a look at them here.


  1. You didn’t proofread your email

In 2015, HubSpot found that the most frequent reason for ignoring cold emails (as 40% respondents stated) was grammar mistakes and typos. Indeed, poor writing automatically makes your email of lower quality, and typos suggest that you didn’t find the time to read what you wrote yourself. Always check the spelling and review the entire text. Make sure that it sounds and looks good.

After all, it’s not that hard to write a good email that people will read and respond to. What you need to do is to address a particular person, write a specific subject line, make your message brief and clear, include a signature, and do some proofreading.











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