The (Simplified) Outdoor Event Guide – How to Create Maximal Excitement With Minimal Effort

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Hosting outdoor events is a lot of fun, and many people who attend a well organised outdoor event will not only remember it for years to come, but will then go on to try their hand at hosting their own outdoor event. Just like normal indoor parties, outdoor parties can often get bogged down with too many things happening, too much noise, and too many people, and this can ruin the overall vibe of the party.


Getting the most out of your party can take a lot of trial and error to work out, or you can read through our handy outdoor event guide to learn how to create maximal excitement with minimal effort.



The first thing to consider when planning your outdoor event extravaganza is the music. A party without music is strange and quiet, and not in a good way. Additionally, a party with the wrong music can feel off putting and inspire people to leave early. Hitting the nail square on the head with music is a great first step, and it’s fairly easy to work out what should be played.


First, ask yourself what kind of party you want this to be, then when you have the answer to that question pinned down, think about the music that surrounds that kind of party. Remember to have waves of quieter music to give the groovers and shakers a little downtime, and your music is all set up and ready to go.



For events taking place in areas with unpredictable weather patterns, a form of shelter is an absolute must. So finding some marquees in Melbourne is a required step for this event, so work out what you can afford and what the weather is slated to be on the day. Having a place to take shelter in the event of a sudden downpour will mean the difference between a hastily abandoned party and a slightly more tightly packed party. 



Where you choose to host the party also has a fair impact on the vibe of the event, and remember that the less central to your guests that you aim, the less likely everyone will be able to make it. If you want to have an inner-city party, there are plenty of parks and open green spaces to settle yourself in, and this kind of setting will likely work better for your friends who live closer in to heavily populated areas.


A country event works best if it has room to sleep many people and goes for a few days, because a two hour drive out to a party will not be a worthy use of time if your guests have to turn around and drive back a couple of hours later.


The lighting you have for your outdoor event depends entirely on what time of day you plan on hosting it. A morning/midday event will require absolutely no lighting whatsoever, as the natural sunlight will be plenty for the duration of your event, whereas a night time soiree will require some lights, and choosing the right ones can be crucial in those situations.


Firstly, avoid construction lights if possible. These are made to be super bright, and might dazzle some of your guests. Secondly, if there will be a considerable amount of alcohol available for your guests, avoid fire as a means of lighting up your area. There are plenty of solar and electric lights that won’t burn your guests and won’t blind them either, so shop around a little.


With these tips, your event goes from 0 to 100 at incredible speeds, and your guests will not only have a great time, but will remember it for years to come.



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