5 Korean Beauty Brands You Need


The Korean beauty market is booming with new,innovative products that will work miracles on your skin. Some of the brands are available in America and other countries while others are only available in Korea. These are the top Korean beauty products you need in your stash.

Skin Food’s “Black Sugar Mask”


Skin Food’s “Black Sugar Mask” is perfect for rejuvenating your skin.All you do is put the dark sugar crystals on you palms and scrub your face with them.  It will give you smoother, brighter and softer skin.

Baby Face Hydrogel Mask


Baby Face Hydrogel Mask will get rid of your dull skin. It’s a sheet mask with hyaluronic acid in it which with eliminate dead skin after leaving it on for 30 minutes.


Eggpore “Blackhead Eraser”


Eggpore Blackhead Eraser The slightly gritty, oil-based gel helps unclog the pores where bacteria cause irritation and blemishes.


Tony Moly “Prestige Snail Lip Treatment”


Tony Moly “Prestige Snail Lip Treatment” sounds completely gross, but the soft foot of the snail produces slime that helps it prevent and repair the damage incurred from slithering over harmful things, like twigs. The slime can help prevent damage on the face and lips too!


Mizon Sleep Wrinkle Pack


Mizon Sleep Wrinkle Pack helps repair skin during your sleep. Once you wash your face and put it on before it, the gel absorbs into the skin and leaves noticeably smoother skin in the morning.

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