5 Steps to Follow When Selling your Car

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One day, you may need some quick cash and realize that your only method to get some cash is by selling your car. If you are currently in a difficult financial situation and is planning to sell your car, you should remember that there are set rules and procedures to follow when selling either a registered or an unregistered vehicle in Australia or in any other country. The process is not very complicated, and it is set in place so that both parties have coverage should there be any problems with the transaction. There is plenty of information on the regional government websites such as the Queensland one for Australia, which you can see by clicking here. A lot of what you need to do is common sense, as you would not want to be held responsible for an accident. If you fail to transfer the vehicle details properly to the person you sold it to, this could happen.
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#1. Safety Certificate

Having a safety certificate is important so that the purchaser has some assurance that they are buying a safe vehicle. It is also important that the document comes from an approved inspection station to ensure that it is valid. Having a valid safety certificate will make selling you car a much quicker and easier process – and easy cash.

#2. Service History

Having a full-service history of the car will make a lot more people interested in purchasing it from you, as well as also reassuring that the vehicle has not been in any major accidents. Looking at the history and see what parts have been replaced, and how often, will show reliability to the purchaser and help keep their mind at ease.

#3. Knowing the Value of your Car

Gone are the days when you would have to go to a dealer and say “value my car”, or study the market intensely to know the value. There are websites that you can safely and securely enter your details, including that of your car, and you will be able to get an instant market valuation of your vehicle. Do be aware that the price would be based on a car in a particular condition and full working order. The more scratches, dents, funny sounds and other hiccups your car has, the less your car will be worth. Knowing the value of your vehicle is a way to ensure that you will not get ripped off by some unscrupulous salesperson.

#4. Give it a Clean

Giving your car a clean before you sell it is a common courtesy to the new owner of the vehicle. If you do not already have a buyer lined up it can also help to increase your cars sales potential. Everyone likes a car when it looks nice and clean, shiny paintwork and a smooth, quiet engine. If your vehicle can portray this image, then it will help you to find a buyer, quickly.

#5. Inform your Creditors

If you sell your car, and someone is taking over the finance, it is important to make sure that you inform your finance company and have all of the correct paperwork filled out by both you and the new owner. Failing to do that will leave you liable for a car that you no longer have access to, and for which you may still have to pay! It would also affect your credit history so make sure to have everything settled beforehand.

Be thorough when selling your car and make sure that you complete all of the necessary paperwork. The process is not hard, and you can find all of the required information on your local government website, or look on the Department of Transport website.


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