Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux 2015 Remastered


Jordan brand has continued with its remastered version throughout 2015 and this weekend they have decided to bring back a classic and a world favorite. This colorway first debuted during the 1992 all-star game when MJ laced them up, but the real hype behind them began when MJ was featured in the iconic Michael Jackson’s 1992 hit video “Jam”. Jordan and Michael traded dance moves and game of 1 on 1 while MJ was laced up in the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux. After it’s release in 1992 the shoe was not seen again until April of 2011. They were an instant sell out that year and became of the most famous retros in Jordan brand history. With the return of this model pays a closer look towards the original 1992 model featuring light graphite on the toe box aligned with a black upper. Fans of the shoe have become disgruntled due to the black lining along the bottom, but the 2015 version is designed to be a closer replica of the 1992 version. Lovers of the Air Jordan 7 and the brand will instantly grab this shoe on the release date of July 18th for the price of 180$. Check out the images below and be sure to grab this classic and see if you can dance like MJ or score like MJ.
*Photos taken by Nike Inc.

Air-Jordan-7-Bordeaux-2015-Remastered-2 Air-Jordan-7-Bordeaux-2015-Remastered-3 Air-Jordan-7-Bordeaux-2015-Remastered-4

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