Cheeky tips to handle your #Hamilkid

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Lin-Manuel Miranda is the new cover star of Rolling Stone-accompanying the title “Hamilton Mania!”  And this could not be truer.  Everyone on the planet is obsessed with the show-and if they haven’t seen it yet-the soundtrack.  One under-recognized but overly Hamiholic demographic?  #Hamilkids!
Marika Lindholm, Founder of ESME: Empowering Single Moms Everywhere, knows a thing or two about handling a Hamiholic #Hamilkid.  Her tips?

Expect swooning over the bill printed with the face of the $10 founding father. 

Use it to your advantage to get chores done. You might even be able to trade one for an Andrew Jackson—aka Harriet Tubman.

Hamilkids may take to sliding into a room, asking “What’d I miss?” 

Smile and enjoy. After all, it’s a much better greeting than “Wazzup?”

Freak-outs over a Hamilton Inn, the town of Elizaville, or Lafayette Square are all symptoms of the obsession. 

And guess where a Hamilkid wants to attend college? Hint: it’s not Washington University. On long car trips, turn their passion into a game: Who can spot the most Hamilton-related geographical points of interest? Yorktown! Washington Bridge!

Giggling and whispering about the Reynolds Pamphlet also come with the territory. 

This is a great opportunity to teach them about the birds, the bees, and the two-timing losers.

Beware the advent of the British accent. 

Hamilkids often will employ overdramatic British accents when using the words “push,” “shove,” or the phrase “you belong to me.” Since this gets very annoying very fast, start doing the same, and a Hamilkid will stop instantly.

Marika Lindholm is the founder of ESME, Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere, the social platform for Solo Moms, by Solo Moms. ESME empowers a broad demographic of women who, despite differences in age, race, culture, and route to single motherhood, are bound together in a conscious coalition that is strong, proud, and dedicated to their children. ESME asks Solo Moms: “What do you need today?” Whether it’s a laugh, a question answered, a specific resource, a quick moment of inspiration or recognition, entertainment, or even a new ally, ESME is there for Solo Moms. And, in the process, ESME is redefining single motherhood.

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