Costumes for you and your crew this Halloween



If you and your friends are searching for great Halloween costumes that don’t cost a lot of money, you’ve come to the right place!


Here are some group costumes for you that incorporate your everyday clothing. Many of these costumes feature clothing that might already be hanging in your closet!





If you and your friends are fans of TSwift, this is probably the best costume idea for you!


Tay’s squad is pretty massive in the Bad Blood video, but here are a few examples:


If you want to play Tay’s character, Catastrophe, in the last scene, you’d wear a black leather crop top with black shorts. You can DIY some black cut off sleeves. For makeup, go heavy on eyeliner and lipstick.


For Zendaya’s character, Cut Throat, find a sleeveless black dress or shirt. To DIY it like hers, glue a bunch of giant studs all over it. She wears black gloves with her hair pulled back in a low ponytail.


For Selena’s character, Arsyn, you’ll want a short black wig. Next, get a knee-length black skirt and long black boots.


Here are some cute pieces for inspiration:



Find three bodycon dresses — one in blue, pink, and green. Wear a thick black belt around your waist, and wear white tights with black flats. For Bubbles, throw your hair in pigtails. For Blossom, keep your hair straight and pin it back with a big red bow (if you can’t find one in stores, you can DIY your own!). For Buttercup, work a middle part and curl the ends of your hair.
Here are some places to go for colorful bodycon dresses:






There are so many Disney princesses to choose from, but here are a few ideas:


Want to be Cinderella? Get a blue dress, shiny heels, long white gloves, and tie your hair in a bun with a blue ribbon.


Aurora from Sleeping Beauty? Get a long sleeved pink dress (you can wear a white collared shirt underneath to match her collar), curl the ends of your hair and put a gold crown on top.


Belle? Yellow dress, long yellow gloves, and your hair half up and half down, tied with a yellow ribbon. Yellow studded earrings are another bonues for her look.


Snow White? Yellow maxi skirt, with a blue shirt tucked in. To DIY the shirt, cut red adhesive felt into teardrop shapes and attach them to the sleeves just like Snow White’s.





Go shopping with your friends and pick out some bodycon dresses. Each dress should be a different color. With iron-on transfer paper, print the Crayola logo and iron it onto the middle of the dress. On both ends of your dress, use fabric paint or iron-on transfer paper to duplicate the little black wave patterns.


Then, for the crayon’s point, you can go to a store like Party City and purchase pointed birthday hats, or you can recreate the look by folding card stock into a funnel, and then attaching it to a hat or headband.


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