Find the best makeup to match your eye color


Every morning women all over the world apply beauty product trying to enhance their beautiful facial features. Finding the right product to do this can be stressful and overwhelming. The first step in making this process easier is choosing the right color for you. Make your eyes pop by using eyeliners and shadows that amplify your eye color.


Brown eyes:


Coppers, golds, greens and deep blues.


Blue eyes:


Bronzes, beiges, neutrals, turquoises, oranges and browns.


Green eyes:


Silvers, greys, purples, and deep brown.


Hazel eyes:


Golds, browns, greens, blacks and earthy tones.


Almay’s products are split between eye color. Each product’s packaging clearly shows you whether it enhances brown, blue, green or hazel eye colors.

almay neutral trio


Find their products on Almay is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and never tests its products on animals.

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