Velour Lashes



Sensitive eyes? Contact wearer? Small lid space? Have any of these factors deterred you from wearing false lashes? Fear not, Velour lashes are here! So why choose these lashes over the hundreds of other brands to choose from?

You Cannot Feel Them

The band is designed in a way that it lays flat on the lash line rather than poking at it. The satin lashes are so light they are undetectable.

No Lash Glue Wait Time

The velour lash glue does not require a wait time to get tacky before applying them to the eye. Simply distribute on band and apply.

25-30 Uses

If taken care of one could wear these babies almost every day of the month. Make sure to peel glue off the band after taking them off at the end of the night, and store on their original packaging.

No Mascara Required

Mascara cannot be added to the lashes as they are made of silk. They blend with the natural lashes without needing to reapply mascara on top. You can however put mascara on your natural lashes before applying if desired.

They are Easier to Apply

As a new-b with lashes, I found these extremely easy to put on. The glue wasn’t irritating and dries quick enough to give the lashes staying power.


Place on lash line, hold and press down for a second, then gently open your eyes. To make sure they are locked into place pinch the natural lashes up into the Velour lashes while curling them upward.


Modern beauty products are making the lives of girls (and boys) less uncomfortable by the second. Now everyone can wear lashes without the irritation. Pain doesn’t have to be beauty!


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