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How to Decide On Varieties Of Window Blinds For Your Home And Office?

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Blinds for windows at home are important part of home decor. There are number of options for blinds in materials, quality or color. Whatever the requirements are, there are blinds for every window. Getting started with the preferences, one must decide what type of window option he is looking for. Is he looking for roller shades and roman blinds or traditional valances and curtains? Right from the Roman to the roller blinds, which can lead to regular usage and yet less wear and tear, you can also go for the cafeteria blinds, and the Venetian blinds to suit your home décor.


  • There are number of Blinds which are different and stylish, thus it becomes hard to find the right one for your home.


  • If there are no budget issues, then automated blinds are the ultimate in convenience and style. Wooden blinds are incomparable and nothing else can offer the same beauty, elegant looking and functionality, it also gives a natural feeling and traditional touch and can be customized.


Types of blinds and shades for your perfect taste:


  • Custom Milan thermal roman shade in faux silk is stylish and can be custom designed to the exact width and length one needs, it is ideal for a large or hard-to-fit window.


  • Like Roman blinds, pleated shades are made up of cloth material that can easily fold when it goes up and in the same manner unfolds when it comes down. These shades have pleated edges that are sharper at both ends instead of rounded folds when gets fully unfolded.


  • Exterior blinds are great for reducing the temperature inside your home by blocking out the heat form outside. They are most common on large windows, porches and on extreme climatic conditions.


  • Aluminium blinds are durable and are capable to control the light and darkness of a room. There are a number of features such as head rails that makes it more seamless in the room.


You can choose from honeycomb shades, solar shades and the Roman blinds for everyday use:


  • Honeycomb shades or blinds are beautifully crafted and when looked at them from the side, these blinds appear as cells that are diamond shaped and are usually made up of a lightweight and solid cloth-like material. Some blinds of this style can slide up from the bottom or down from the top, making them a versatile option for any room. These are also available in motorised option.


  • Solar shades offer light-dimming facility; it is great for open living spaces and also protects the room from harmful UV rays. This blind comes with rolling up option and does not come with a rope in order to pull them up. Roman shades come in a variety of eye catching colours to match any décor. These shades are made of cloth that is designed to fold accordingly as they move up and smooth out as they fall down. These roller shutters are quite laborious to clean than traditional blinds; however, some can be easily removed from the window and put into the washing machine to be washed.


  • Sheer shades are basically horizontal blinds with sheer cloth that connects each blind to the next so that they can offer privacy without compromising the natural light coming into the room. This kind of shades are good for rooms that you want to keep more light in such as kitchens, bathrooms living rooms etc.



Moreover, there is also a wide range of styles in wooden blinds that are made from birch, maple or bamboo. These blinds are simply great for rooms that are designed with natural wood setting to match with it.





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