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After this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) any doubt in your mind that PlayStation was the best console on the market today is gone. Its user interface and compatibility is backed by some of the best games on the shelves – including some that have yet to hit them. During Sony’s presentation, they introduced some of the most highly-anticipated games of 2016, including The Last Guardian, Death Stranding, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. They even won over audiences despite the absence of any information regarding their new console, the PS4K.


But while the designers at Sony are busy manufacturing the PS4K, and the various developing companies concentrate all of their efforts on creating the coolest, most interesting, and striking games, there’s little extra thought spared for the current console. Its external design is nothing to write home about, especially when stashed away on your bookshelf or on your coffee table. Though internally, it makes for an amazing gaming system, it’s not the most physically appealing console.


Sony and their developing companies may not have the time to think about its looks, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for its boring black design. Admit it – with how often you play the PS4, it’s an extension of your soul. As one of your top hobbies, you’re playing it whenever you get some free time away from work, chores, and friends. Maybe it’s how you and your friends bond, and you do it by spending hours competing online. Tally those with the hours you’ve spent customizing your gamer tag, following all of the side missions, and perfecting your scores, and you can appreciate how important the PS4 is.


At the very least, you should expect to be able to personalize the look of Sony’s PS4 the way you want it. You may not have the huge team of designers that the entertainment company has at their disposal, but when you have the designers from dbrand on your side, you won’t need them. They’re a skin manufacturer that creates coverings for the PlayStation 4, as well as a variety of other electronic devices. dbrand has awesome Playstation 4 controller skins that act like stylized sticker or decal, so they can take on different colours and textures that can upgrade your entire system. You can kit out your console in carbon fiber, leather, and concrete or opt for solid colors like blue, yellow, and magenta. You even have the ability to mix and match to create an utterly unique design.


Don’t worry about this skin interfering with your game play. The top skins PS4 users opt for are thin enough that they’re barely perceptible by touch. Measuring in at less than 0.23 millimetres thick and matching Sony’s blueprints down to the micro-millimeter, they provide a form-hugging fit. The only thing giving them away is the distinctive colors and textures. In fact, they’ll actually enhance your gameplay because they protect your system from sharp objects, grease and grime, and rough handing.


It may not be much to look at as it sits on your coffee table now, but imagine the profile it would cut decked out mahogany or zebra wood. Visualize the eye-catching flair of brightly colored carbon fiber or austere stylized concrete. Once wrapped up in a customized skin, you can have the most distinctive PS4 in the neighbourhood. So check out your options today and create one that fits your style in time for the releases of all the games featured at E3.


Justin Jersey is a journalist, stylist and blogger. He is a aesthetician by heart who often writes about Travel, Art, Lifestyle, decorating and DIY ideas. He loves sparking creativity and giving them ideas for their own spaces.

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