Why Do You Need Turbo Kits And How Do They Ensure Optimum Performance For The Engine?

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Turbo charging is popular due to the economy of fuel as well as the increase in power. The difference between turbo and normal engines is that the turbocharged motors give power in packages that are compact and these have torque punch and this is delivered at lower engine speeds.

  • In the case of normal engines, the size or high RPMs help to deliver the power. The turbo chargers make complete use of the fuel and thus it helps in terms of economy.
  • Due to the increased boost in power, the owner of the automobile too loves having a turbo charger fitted in. Therefore, it is a complete win-win situation. However, one should know how to take care of this.
  • When you have a turbo engine, every time your foot is on the floor, there is an increased load. This churns out more exhaust pressure. Thus the result is that the turbine spins the compressor side through the connecting shaft, making it easier for engines of all sizes to suck air.
turbo kits

Turbo Kits

Mixing of extra air and fuel

When the extra air is mixed with the extra fuel there is more power which the engine alone could give. So when turbo is not used, the engine operates at frugal levels. If you want to increase the life of your turbo, there are a few things you need to do:

  • You need to change the oil regularly. The turbos of today are cooled additionally with the help of a coolant.
  • It is best however, to use fully synthetic oil and this protects the turbo from excessively high temperatures.
  • It is safe to change the oil at 5000 miles. However, if you rarely use the turbo, then you can change it every 7000 miles or more.
  • You need to give the turbo not only fresh oil but also it needs to be used correctly. The oil is only able to function well when there is an optimum temperature where it is operating. This flows and it lubricates best when it is between 190 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is lesser than this temperature, then the oil is in a thicker state and this increases the pressure of the oil. This in turn, increases the strain which is caused on the oil seals.
turbocharger kits

Turbocharger Kits

Checking the oil seals is also very important

The oil seals which are present in the turbocharger are in the central cartridge. This is where the oil is used to lubricate the shaft which is used to connect the turbine as well as the compressor side. If there is wear and tear here, then the oil excessively seeps in and that results in blue smoke being emitted by the exhaust.

  • When the oil is heated to the right temperature, then the moisture which is in gets burnt off. This moisture builds up when the oil sits in the oil pan and it is cool.
  • If the car owner takes short trips and quick trips frequently, then oil change is required sooner than if the trips are long and infrequent. The reason for this is, in short trips, the fluid gets heavy with impurities which do not burn off.

One way to ensure the turbo charger is made to last for as long as possible is if the coolant temperature is in the temperature range that it should be in. When this happens, then the oil will take about 10 minutes of driving at a steady pace in order to follow the same practice as the coolant. Therefore, only when it reaches this point should you use the pedal. Before this, you should try to stay away from the go-pedal.

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