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Atom Willis

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Meet Atom Willis, Fashion with a Cause

Atom Willis (1)Atom Willis was once a daydream Adam had, while sitting next to his sister at a multiple sclerosis fundraiser. He dreamed of starting a hobby/business, which would allow him to assist in the fight to heal his sister from the incurable disease. When the first samples arrived from Seoul he described the experience like this: “It is as if one was entering into the auto market and their first model was a Porsche.” At this point, he realized that this was really something to be taken seriously. He sought assistance in model JoJo Macias, who eventually partnered with him in this venture while Adam was tending to his day job.

Atom Willis (2)When they were not working on jackets they were always talking about how crazy war is and how they were scared that our generation needs to wake up. To vent their frustration the campaign, Modern Day Hippie, was born.

Atom Willis (3)The intentions of the jackets are to never go mainstream. The nickel coated serial # tag will give you your try at the ole’ “what comes around goes around” game. In hopes you’ve been good, you will get your Atom back in case you leave it behind somewhere. Owners can register their serial # in order to be contacted once an Atom is found…no guarantees.. only hope.

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