Chris Michaels Steakhouse & Lounge

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Chris Michael's Steak house & Lounge


Chris Michaels Steakhouse & Lounge is truly the best of both worlds, from the valet parking to dessert. Chris Michaels is the perfect scene for a formal family dinner, a night out on the town with friends or a general hang out to watch the game. The dimly lit atmosphere, impeccable service, and mouthwatering dishes are a welcome ambiance for any occasion. Owner Mike Kontos, prides himself on his fresh, uniquely seasoned, and carefully cooked ingredients.


Once leaving your car with the valet and collecting your ticket, bring an empty stomach into the lobby. The host welcomes you into the happy medium of the venue and will ask you what’s your pleasure. To your left is the area that serves as a sports bar every night and lounge area on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights equip with light fixtures, flat screens, curtains, a dance floor, and VIP seating areas. To your right is the classy yet traditional steakhouse and more familial setting. The servers will greet you warmly at your table and make you feel at home. They are down to earth and very knowledgeable about the menu. If you find yourself a little overwhelmed and undecided with the variety presented on the two different menus, just ask.


To start off (and as you skim the menus) don’t hesitate to order their refreshing in-house sangria presented elegantly in a tall goblet with squared chunks of granny smith apples and ripened orange bits over ice.  Some of the popular appetizers feature their famous thick cut apple wood bacon; a slice that yields a combination of salty and charcoaled flavorful goodness straight off the grill. This simple slice served solo on a plate will turn a person who doesn’t eat pork into a believer. The calamari is none like I have ever experienced as it is fried to perfection, crisp yet pure, served with a marinara sauce that tastes like it came straight from the vine, and then dressed with crushed red peppers to add a surprising zest.


Chris Michael’s steak house is most known for it’s flawlessly tender, juicy, and salacious Filet Mignon that would melt in your mouth if it weren’t for the generous amount of fiery homemade steak sauce that is served on the side with a gently cooked and lightly salted tower of home fries and onions to seal the deal. The steak is plump, moist, and filling; be careful not to fall in love. Before you leave happy, satisfied, and served don’t forget to order the crème brulee. A thick sweet treat with a crisp surface adorned with slices of strawberry, raspberries, and blueberries; a thick creamy luscious core can be found beneath. The Chris Michaels experience is a sophisticated twist to your everyday steakhouse.



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    January 2, 2015 at 2:29 am

    What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year, by spending time with the ones you love most, and enjoying a gourmet meal in a wonderful establishment. If these are your sentiments, then you will stay clear of the Chris Micheal steakhouse in Woodbridge NJ.
    Upon entering the foyer of this wanna be 5 star Resturaunt, you immediately notice an overhead water feature, meant to add class and ambiance, adds nothing but a horrific musty aquarium smell, that almost pushes you into the lobby to escape the odor.
    Upon entering the lobby, my family and I were greeted by, not one, but a staff of hostesses that seemed to be dressed like hi class call girls from an HBO special. We were seated quickly, as we had reservations, and were greeted immediately by are waiter, who was very curtuios and attentive, making us feel as special guests. The mood went from strange to fantastic in seconds. I had already forgotten the odor and hostesses. I was extremely impressed with the great selection of wines and entres available, and was taken in by the beautiful interior. My family and I had ordered our dinner and waiting in great anticipation, we were served a variety of warm fresh bread rolls. My daughter had avacado sushi, mushrooms, and a wild rice and enjoyed it very much. My son had ordered a Pene Vodka dish that he also enjoyed. Then again these are all dishes any local diner can make well. My wife on the other hand had ordered a filet mignon that was cooked improperly and could not enjoy. I had ordered the “Chris Michael”, which is a 28oz prime rib. You would think an establishment that names it’s prime rib after itself , should be the best beef on the menu. This prime rib, had flavor, but nothing shy of satisfactory. It was over cooked, and made only more edible by its fantastic signature steak sauce. Overall I was still satisfied, seeing my family together at the table and the nice atmosphere kept me I a great mood, and it seemed nothing could bother me.
    Until my wife had noticed the soda glass she had been drinking out of, was broken. We had notified the waiter immediately. The mood that went from strange to fantastic, had quickly spiraled into a disaster. My wife, upset they she may have swallowed some shards of glass had requested for the manager, George Gonzalez. He assured my wife the glass did NOT come to our table that way, implifiying that WE had broken it. With no apologies, or any concern for her well being, simply said salud and walked away. The waiter said he would have the cameras checked for us, but he never did. Afraid we were to upset by the ordeal to leave a tip, a gracious 20% gratuity had automatically been applied to our bill. We left upset, disappointed and angry by the lack of concern and empathy we received by the staff and management. On the way out I was greeted by the overwhelming odor I encounterd upon entry along with the manager once again, who handed me his card and wished us a goodnight, as if nothing had happened.
    By far and overall the worst experience I’ve ever had.

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