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As a veteran in the world of Hip Hop, Michael Clervoix, better known as Sha Money XL, began his journey into becoming a powerhouse in the music industry from a young age. Working hand in hand with his friend 50 Cent in making G Unit an international phenomenon, Sha didn’t start or stop there.


After spending time at Def Jam as the SVP of A&R, Sha transitioned over to Epic Records to work with L.A. Reid as the EVP of A&R earlier this year. Credited for bringing the likes of 2 Chainz and Big K.R.I.T. onto Def Jam, Sha’s plan at Epic is to continue to bring on artists who not only have raw talent, but those that know how to leverage that talent, and work at mastering it in the studio.


Being in the industry for as long as he has, what Sha doesn’t want to see in the next generation of artists are one hit wonders, something that every genre of music has seen decade after decade. Sha’s essential goal is to bring on talent that is ready to go mainstream and take over the game, while marking their path in the world of Hip Hop, going on to become legends like Biggie, Jay Z, 50 Cent, and Nas.  Many up and coming emerging artists are hungry for the fame, but only a small fraction have a strong knack of business, something that is crucial to Sha for an artist of his to have, especially in today’s game. Not only is Sha looking to take new talent mainstream, but he wants for his artists to collaborate with Fortune 500 companies, companies that will embrace Hip Hop while innovating and marketing new ideas.


With a new chapter ahead of him at Epic, Sha will be bringing to light artists who 10 to 20 years from now will be looked back upon as musical pioneers of their generation.

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