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From Passion To Fashion

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Success can’t be taught, but with passion and drive, it can be achieved. Khristian Michael’s has been able to deliver just that through those simple elements. Elements that to some might just be words, but to a man like Khristian are fundamental behind why K Michael Eyeware is where it is today, as it continues to grow.


Raised in a military family, K Michael spent a lot of this childhood years traveling and moving, which in hindsight gave him the opportunity to see more of the world in his teen years than most are able to in a lifetime. Spending a good portion of his adolescent years in New York, the fast paced life and speed of determination was something that was flowing through K Michael’s blood before he even reached his adulthood. From there began the story of a man who’s mission has been to not just become a staple in the fashion and entertainment industry, but to make every single one of his visions come to form.


So what was it that intrigued K Michael about the world of fashion? It wasn’t the glitz and glamour, but the being able to help someone feel good about themselves in their own skin. Growing up, sunglasses to K Michael had always been the accessory of choice that helped him enhance his confidence when not always having the newest gear on the block. New gear or not, it was a simple pair of shades that complimented and defined his personality, and of course, his attire. Confidence is one of the factors behind K Michael Eyeware’s mission that has always been key. When you are confident you feel good, and when you feel good, there is no stopping anyone in conquering everything that they want.


During his tenure at XRecords in A&R, K Michael became notorious for his eyewear, soon becoming his trademark according to those around him. As the record industry began to slowly take a turn for not the best with sales plummeting due to where technology has taken music today, it was time for K Michael to reevaluate his role, and what route he wanted to take with his career. Having formed a bond with his mentors throughout his tenure in the music industry, it was a few words of advice from these very same mentors that persuaded K Michael to just go after his dreams and not look back. No turning back, no regrets, no what if’s, but just moving forward. It wasn’t about getting another job to him, but about making an idea into something, in turn turning that something into a lifestyle and brand. A brand whose journey he wanted to control from the start to the top.


After investing his energy, time, and entire savings account in educating himself in designing, manufacturing, and licensing eyewear, K Michael’s journey on the rise began. A journey that wasn’t always smooth sailing, but took a few detours on the way. Many journeys have some pits that make the path to its peak. It’s getting through the not so great times that make it all worth it in the end. For K Michael, selling his condo to keep things afloat, investing all of his money in his venture, along with vacations and new clothes being eliminated from the equation were just a few of the things that he had to sacrifice in order to take his brand to its peak. It was when he did his first mall tour in Westfield’s San Francisco Centres, completing a two day event, and signing a deal with Shaquille O’Neal while sitting courtside with him during All Star Weekend that he realized K Michael Eyeware had just began its journey to its peak.




Behind every successful entrepreneur stands an inspiration. Whether it’s a person, a moment, a quote, or an event, there is always a driving force. For K Michael, every passing moment is a chance to make it happen, conquer fears, and doing something special to turn it all around.


With the sky being nothing less than the limit, K Michael Eyeware is just the beginning for this young entrepreneur. With Phase II of Shaquillie O’neal’s Dunkman Eyewear brand in the works along with a new mid grade sunglass line debuting in the Summer of 2015 and the launch of ISE Magazine, K Michael has also been working hand in hand with talents such as; model Sueki Sue, artist/videograpther Cameron Cruce, Rachel Calabria, and Joyce Young in expanding his brand.



When it comes to giving heartfelt advice to start up entrepreneurs, K Michael has one simple message. “Whatever you’re pursuing, be sure that you’re undeniably passionate about it, otherwise it won’t work. Pursuing a dream and starting a business can be very challenging, so it’s the passion that will get you through the time times. Find your passion, put God first, work hard, and let the rest of it all fall into place.” For K Michael, it’s the team that he surrounds himself with that have been there every step of the way. From his partner Amara Bunyavong, graphic designer Dominique Dwyer, producer Sean Anthony, photographer Keon Winston, web designer Tidus, publicist Rein Child PR, publicist Michele Wilson-Morris The Entertainment Bank, Seif and Fly Ferguson Blac Soap, along with Omar Shaikh and Michael Angelo Munzo of Shaikh Films, every member of his team has been nothing but essential. From passion to fashion, K Michael has proved along his journey that determination, a vision can indeed become ones reality.



“I want to be able to look back at my life and say I went 12 rounds in the ring for my dream. Not five rounds and gave up. Not eight rounds, but twelve official rounds. Win, lose, or draw, I can live with those results. Every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around, a chance to go get it. Time waits for no man. Lets live, lets work.” – K Michael



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