Jersey’s Own Creates New Music Genre

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Jersey’s Own Creates New Music Genre

By: Maraika Najimian

Alus ImageAt just 20 years young, up and coming New Jersey artist Alus has been creating big buzz in the music scene. Having just launched her debut EP titled ‘Alustrious’ in January, Alus’s creative music styling’s are what has continuously set her apart from other artists emerging today. Delivering an unique sound via her music, Alus has coined her genre as “Urban Pop,” described as a combination of her favorite 90’s style pop, intertwined with the hip hop she grew up on. Even though Alus is not her birth name, she says that the nickname given to her has always felt just as natural to her as singing has.

It was no surprise to anyone that music came so easily to Alus since she was a youngling considering that such talent ran in her family. Her role model and biggest supporter, her grandmother not only attended the prestigious Julliard, but played violin with The Rat Pack. From her music to her fashion, Alus has always referred to herself as an “old soul.” Having drawn inspiration from timeless icons such as Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, and Audrey Hepburn, Alus has also admitted that she usually can’t fall asleep unless Breakfast at Tiffany’s is playing. So what’s next for this talent? Planning on touring soon, Alus looks forward to being able to finally meet all of her fans that have been supporting her from day one, that she has referred to as her “Alus army.” Like her individual style, Alus has her own views and goals for her success, whereas most people in her position tend to measure success in financial outcomes. Wanting to just make, create, and spread great music that the world can hear, Alus adds that a couple of Grammys never hurt anyone along the ride.


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