New Artisit Matthew Schultz turning heads in the music world

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Matthew Schultz


First off, congratulations on not only winning PDS Entertainments ‘Hottest New Artist of 2013’ award, but for also being one of the finalists for the EOTM awards this year. How does it feel to be nominated alongside talented musicians such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and others before even dropping your first official full length album?

There is really much to be said about it all.  I fell so blessed to be nominated amongst such talented artists like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, especially considering the fact that I’m a huge fan of theirs. It’s amazing what they have accomplished in the music industry this year, so it was really an honor to be in the top 4 with them. I’m looking forward to putting out a full length album, so my fans can really see what my music is all about. It’s going to be an unique blend of many genres of both today along with past decades.
Recently, you had two singles come out. One is the cover of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ ft Alessia Guarnera, & the 2nd is a remix version of ‘Right Here Wrong Time’ ft David Rush. What is it about your music that you think reaches out to your fans the most?

All of my music has both truth and meaning behind it.  Everything that I’ve put out has connected with something in my life. ‘Right Heart Wrong Time’ for example was written to capture the emotion and passion of falling for someone that you can’t be with due to life’s circumstances. It’s these everyday scenarios and emotions that connect with my fans as well.
Your cover of ‘Stay’ has an acoustic & orchestral vibe to it, which stands out compared to other cover versions that have been completed. What inspired you to take this unique route with your version?

I wanted it to be two things, emotional and sexy!  Armando Guarnera is the producer that not only re-mixed the version, but captured additional emotions of the song with his re-arrangement by adding nylon strings, vibrant violins, and orchestral sounds.  I was really excited to work on this project and couldn’t be happier with the way that it turned out. I felt that if I did a duet with Alessia, it would bring a cool contrast to the sound.  Her beautiful and amazing earthy raw high vocals along with my low baritone style was the perfect fit for this version.
You’ve done a lot of collaborations with different artists from Jim Jones to Alessia Guarnera. Is there something about collaborating on tracks with other artists versus solo tracks that stands out to you?

Honestly, I just really enjoy working with other talented artists.  It brings an entirely unique sound to the track, something that can’t be done via a solo version.  I do however enjoy doing solo tracks where I can just escape and give my personal all into my music. I have been blessed with the ability to have recorded with artists who’s works I am a fan of.



As you’ve been dominating ReverbNation and hitting millions of views on your YouTube videos, what have you been working on behind the scenes? What can we expect to see from you in the future, whether it’s 6 months, to a year, to a few years from now?

I am currently focusing on completing my first full length album.  I have a lot in store for my fans, including more collaborations and surprises that I know they will love.  My goal is to release my  album by Jan 2014. As I continue to develop as an artist and performer, a few years from now I would love to be recognized as an artist that put a mark in the music industry. My online buzz has been amazing, and I am grateful to all my family, friends, and fans that are making it all happen with me!


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