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‘On Deck with Lucy’ is known as the go too entertainment show when it comes to covering the three T’s of New York City according to not Lucy and her team, but her audience and every single person that has tuned in to her show. Talent, trends, and the taste of New York are the three T’s that only bring the best of the best via ‘On Deck with Lucy.’ Known as the city that never sleeps, ‘Londonite’ Lucy Norris’s one on one interviews give viewers a behind the scenes and inside look with some of the most prominent artists and entrepreneurs all throughout New York City. Making New York her home since arriving on a scholarship in 2009, Lucy has continued to become a force to be reckoned with in the industry since graduating from the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. New York has become the stomping grounds for this beauty, taking over the city one borough at a time. ‘On Deck with Lucy’ might have started in New York, but it has just begun its journey to becoming the top hot spot of go to for entertainment insight from one coast to the other. Between Lucy’s dynamic personality, zest for being able to engage herself with whatever surrounding she is in, along with the sensational team she has by her side, ‘On Deck with Lucy’ is just the beginning. Becoming a household name is just around the corner for Lucy, taking over the world of entertainment season by season.

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