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President of the X Factor Marketing team, Thomas F. La Vecchia has had 20 years of experience within the sales industry. His expertise has lead to remarkable things by creating a source, for beginners to experienced professionals, who are looking to fulfill their dreams.

As the digital marketing world continues to expand beyond measures, the X Factor team studied thoroughly the effectiveness of it all together. In doing so they realized that those who used off-line advertising weren’t being effectively successful, narrowing it down on what they could do for others like them in order to make it to a higher stand in their business. There was also google. The fact that in this day in age everything is going digital, google has given us everything and anything imaginable out there. All of this has made it possible for the X Factor team to do what they do the best presently.

The teams’ name originated from the development of La Vecchia’s book The X Factor Selling System: The Sales Expert’s Guide to Selling. Putting what the main target of sales is out there, this book helps readers understand the ultimate goal to continue moving forward. And moving forward is exactly what he has sought out to do, “X factor is simply that motivation factor that motivates you to do something (the real reason we do what we do)”, as he explains.

When they started off they were on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, with no budget. Eventually getting their word out there on what X Factor was really about, made it possible to identify the word successful to others. Their goal has always been to inspire greatness and to make others fully understand what motivates others. During our interview with La Vecchia he was able to give us a perfect example. “You might have an endeavor and you’re motivated by the endeavor but if somebody works to influence you in any way, if they understand what motivates them, it makes it easier to influence.” That influence goes hand-in-hand with what they call the 4 Ps: People, Products, Process and Price, if those 4 Ps are executed correctly then it makes it that much easier to influence others.


As motivation and influence are seemingly the key components to keep the ball rolling, La Vecchia not only gives us the feeling that anything in the world is possible but also gives us advice after advice to affirm that if it’s done correctly, anything is truly within reach, like the following 3 guidelines:

1. Identify your desired goal (the DG).

2. Understanding of what not only motivates you but influences you in order to achieve that desired goal.

3. Excellent execution is needed.

Many might wonder if all this advice only helps with professional settings of work. The answer is no. It is valuable advice for anything as simple as influencing a friend to go to a different movie theatre or a different restaurant for the evening. Yes, it’s that simple.

Here is another realistic example that no other words could describe it better.

“You want to be a musician and your desired goal is to play in front of a large group and do it full time and make money doing it. Well you have to practice and find that motivation and more importantly, achieve excellence. So maybe you want to get a website, you may want to go on SoundCloud, whatever it is, you have to get the message out but most importably you have to execute always on a particular point and from there you achieve your goal.” We definitely couldn’t have said it better.


In the upcoming years La Vecchia wants his team to become the “go to” team for anyone who is really dedicated to making their dreams come true within their business. As they currently focus on premium customers of some of the biggest names of Plastic Surgeons, they are not opposed to working with others.


It is admirable to see the success of the vision of a man who doesn’t stop at what is the norm but exceeds to do the best in order to attain every bit of what he really wants out of life. His greatest inspiration to never cease comes from his mother. A woman who came to America from Italy with 6 children to raise while working a part-time job, having very little mastery of the language. With this model in life it translates to something as simple as this, every circumstance has its triumph and no matter what seems to be standing in the way success will always be the ultimate goal.


As we wrapped up the interview we wanted him to give us a recap of what kind of advise he would give everyone trying to achieve anything. Read these wise words and push through them to actually make everything that is within yourself real and true. “I can’t tell you what to do, I could only share my ideas and my thought, but they’re my own. You have your own reality so when you achieve your dreams and your reality, the rest will fall into place.”



Ylani Salcedo is the Fashion and Beauty Editor for Social Magazine. Seeking out the latest trends for anyone who is just as passionate as she is, she makes sure that the readers are not only informed but also inspired. She is also a freelance makeup artist and founder of beeemakeup, where all things beauty, fashion as well as makeup of course, comes together. She is available for makeup bookings whether it be a fashion show, photo shoot, wedding, birthday and anything else in between.

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