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A professional diver’s watch and computer

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The Citizen’s eco-drive Aqualand Dive Watch is a professional diver’s watch that can be used as a dive computer.

The watch when used during a dive transforms into a powerful feature packed dive computer. When used at a party, it looks like something that could pilot your spaceship all by itself – a true knock-out in terms of looks and technology and definitely a conversation starter. Available in metric version, the Citizen’s eco-drive Aqualand Dive Watch comes with brushed metal body and a chunky black rubber band that fits snugly on your wrist. Outside the ocean, the watch has a heavy feel to it but inside the water, it feels light as a feather. Being eco-drive it not only charges under any lighting condition, amazingly, it even charges in faint light conditions underwater.

The Citizen’s eco-drive Aqualand Dive Watch is water resistant to 200 meters, has an analog type primary time and second hand, it incorporates a digital display with alternate time zones and three different alarms. It has a digital date and day which means you don’t have to set the date at each month end. The citizen eco drive watch has back lighting so you don’t have to strain yourself even in the deep. It has four navigation buttons that are easy to access even when wearing a dive suit. These four buttons are all located at the top.

The Citizen’s eco-drive Aqualand Dive Watch is one of the few watches where you can set the analog time via digital display. You do not have to manually move the analog watch hands – they move automatically to display the correct time after you’ve set it via the digital display. The analog alarm too is set via the digital display and the analog hand moves automatically to indicate it. Citizen promaster watch has a water sensor that triggers the dive mode the moment it senses that you are in the water. You know the dive mode is triggered because it displays “ready” instead of the date / day. As you drop down into the water, the watch enters full dive mode. In this mode, the analog hands change over from displaying time to displaying dive related measurements such as max depth, current depth and dive time. The current depth is displayed on the digital screen and its accuracy is very reassuring. As a diver, you can set dive alarms to be triggered on reaching maximum depth and also maximum time. It ensures you stay within your dive limits. A separate in-built alarm gets triggered if the diver rises too fast. Being essentially digital in nature, the Citizen’s eco-drive Aqualand Diving Watch also features a built-in dive log that stores dive details of the previous 20 dives. This comes in quite handy when you fill in the log books or need to show it to your dive supervisor or life support technicians. The Citizen’s eco-drive Aqualand Dive Watch does not have a crown. So you don’t have to worry about the crown popping off due to underwater pressures. Whether you wear the Citizen’s eco-drive Aqualand Dive Watch during a party or a dive, it is absolute value for money.

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