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Known as a heavyweight in the world of fashion, entrepreneur and designer Teheran Jones has made a mark with his line, Exclusive Game. With an array of clientele in the industry ranging from Rick Ross, Diddy, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown to name just a few, T’s high end yet trendsetting one of a kind gear has set Exclusive Game apart from other brands and designers of its kind. Whether it’s customized hoodie’s, shirts, jackets, jeans, accessories, and much more, Exclusive Game continues to create one of a kind pieces to cater to each and every clients desire. One of the leading forces responsible for Exclusive Game’s continued rise is T’s hands on approach behind what goes into designing, manufacturing, and distributing.  

Many designers leave all the nitty-gritty details for their teams to figure out and handle, versus taking more of a hand’s on approach like T. With Exclusive Game located in over 100 stores coast to coast as it works  its way around the globe, Teheran has elevated the level of fashion, becoming known as the go to guy for many. For T, it’s not just about designing, but about setting trends.


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