Has Fashion Become Too Risky? Written By: Carissa Smith

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The CFDA hosted their annual awards ceremony on June 2nd 2014. For those of you who don’t know, the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards consist of honoring strides made in the high fashion world.  Many designers, models and stylists attend this event in their most fashionably forward look. But there was one look in particular that caused a lot of controversy. The singer and entertainer Rihanna, took to the red carpet in a very daring, bold, sheer Swarovski crystal covered old Hollywood glamour dress by Adam Selman. Talk about “baring it all”.  Her body in all its’ glory was very much seen by everyone and gained immediate media attention. So the question is, has fashion become too risky?

Fashion is the creativeness produced by an artist who is skilled with fabric and detail. Selman’s work of art was yes, very much so an audacious dress but should the look be condemned by the standards of society? Many argued that Rihanna’s look was too inappropriate for her young audience who look up to her as a role model.  The backlash received for her outfit of choice consisted of words such as trashy, disgusting, and sleazy which flooded social media. It poses a divide in the fashion world and moral world where many question if pushing the envelope like this is unacceptable.

Overall a true artist never abides by the standards of others because their masterpiece was produced from their own personal vision. Selman’s work shouldn’t necessarily be crucified but rather looked at from his point of view.  Regardless if you agree with the look or see it fit to your own personal standards , it was a dress he envisioned and created.  If we have to live in a society where creativity has to have a limit then true artistry in fashion won’t be able to thrive.  So again has fashion become too risky?


Nicole Eventoff can be regularly found working editorial, fashion designer campaigns and runway for New York Fashion Week. Nicole has recently launched “Hair Jewels by Nicole Cyrese”. The brand is built around the vision that every woman deserves to feel like a fashion icon.

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