Heat Nation in a frenzy as Lebron explores OPTIONS!!

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Lebron James has chosen to opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat for the upcoming 2014-15 season. Although it was expected, heat fans are wondering whether the four times MVP will lead their team to another championship run. No doubt James is the top free agent this off season with an average of 27 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assist per game. With suitors such as the Knicks, Bulls and Mavericks, all of the pressure weighs heavily on Pat Riley as he must convince James Miami is the place he should be. The Heat can offer James another max contract worth 127 million, 33 million more than any of the competitors for James. Although the money is enticing, its clear money isn’t a deciding factor for James as he took less money to take his talents to South Beach leaving behind more than 10 million dollars in Cleveland.

Although Lebron is exploring his options, this could very well be a power move for Miami behind closed doors. By opting out, it gives the Heat more flexibility in acquiring more quality players. Lebron can attract fellow all star Carmelo Anthony to the team. Other options for Lebron don’t put him in a better position for a championship run than the Heat. New York is rebuilding and has a roster of decent perimeter players but none at the all star level now that Melo has opted out. Chicago doesn’t seem fit for Lebron as he will have to live in Michael Jordan’s shadow and fall prey to the critics. Not to mention he had the opportunity to sign there and declined although they had a healthy all star in Rose and Noah at the time. Dallas may be the second best option for James with all stars Nowitski, Ellis and newly acquired former defensive player of the year Chandler. All of those options still doesn’t compare to the Heat as they made a historic four year run to the NBA finals resulting in 2 NBA championships.

Analyst believes the Heat just needs some “fine tuning” at the point guard and center positions. Lebron wants to continue winning and will go where he sees best for a run at a third championship. No doubt whichever team Lebron goes to will automatically be a championship contender. For now Heat fans must wait and see as the free agency frenzy continues.

By: Medina Parrilla

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