Jeremy Meek aka dreamy mcmug shot – looks speak louder than words

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 With the Arrestee Mug Shot Gone Viral, Dr. Steinbrech, Aesthetic Expert, Discusses How Looks Can Overshadow Actions.

A recent mug shot of a Northern California man went viral after Police posted his picture on Facebook. Despite his arrest on felony weapons charges, women are going wild over the ‘sexy’ mug shot. The mug shot has attracted 54,769 likes, 15,977 comments, and 6,166 shares. With comments such as, “Too good looking to throw his life away! Is this fake???,” and, “I am in love,” there is no mistaking that this arrestee’s mug shot has stolen the hearts of many women across America.

Jeremy Meeks, 30 year old felon, has high cheekbones, strong facial features, full lips, and piercing blue eyes. It’s no surprise many women are nixing the felon aspect, and concentrating their full attention on his chiseled face, or is it? “It’s easy to forget a person’s actions when all you see is an aesthetically pleasing face,”–Dr. Douglas Steinbrech.

“Many people disassociate looks with the character of the person based off of looks” –-Dr Bart Rossi, Certified Clinical Psychologist.   In this situation, it is proven that we tend to forget actions when good looks are part of the equation. “Many men come to my office to achieve the aesthetic facial appearance this man’s mug shot show cases,”–Dr. Douglas Steinbrech.

Dr. Steinbrech is a top NYC Plastic Surgeon for men. He offers procedures such as chin and jaw augmentation, upper and lower eyelift, and non-surgical procedures including Botox, Radiesse, Sculptra, and other dermal fillers. Dr. Steinbrech is also well known for his Male Model procedure, which is excellent for models looking for sharper features. This procedure can include jaw augmentation, hi def liposculpting, hi def pec enhancement, and/or gluteal enhancement. “My goal is to help clients to achieve a younger, more attractive appearance, while meeting their aesthetic goals,”–Dr. Douglas Steinbrech.

Dr. Steinbrech underwent eight years of surgical training at New York University in General Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. He was trained in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the prestigious NYU Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Additionally, he is ranked in the top 10 plastic surgeons in NYC by RateMDs. He can be found at as he is an expert in men’s aesthetic procedures.






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