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With two dentistry offices, in NY and NJ, Dr. Frank DiCicco puts his practice into effect making his patients satisfied with his work. Ever since a little boy he always knew that he wanted to become a dentist making his lifelong dream become reality in the year of 1996. Nothing but success has happened since then.

His primary focus is cosmetic dentistry which is the science and art of making someone’s smile look good. Before determining what kind of procedure needs to be done on a patient a smile analysis needs to be performed. This helps with evaluating what exactly needs to be worked on and what the patient wants to improve or change about their smile.

When it comes to a smile, teeth is what may come to mind immediately and while dentist visits aren’t always welcoming to some, because of a phobia or avoidance of going to the dentist all together, your teeth are very important to take care of. As we spoke to Dr. DiCicco we find out the most effective way for various different components of dentistry such as sedation, preventative dental care, whitening teeth andinvisalign.


It is used to make the work of the dentist and the patient’s experience a lot smoother. As stated earlier there are phobics and people who avoid going to the dentist throughout their whole lives for the simple fact that they’re scared. A study says “20% of the population are either fearful or are true phobics of dentistry”, as Dr. DiCicco tells us. That’s why it was created. When being used on his patients he is able to get the work done in one sitting whereas if none was used, the patient wouldn’t be as tolerable or maybe not even show up to the appointment.

Preventative Dental Care

Dental care is preventative care just like anything else that includes having patients. Dentists are there to prevent your teeth and gums from getting any type of bacteria. Getting your teeth X-rayed once a year and cleaned every 6 months

helps to find cavities that need filling to avoid something like a root canal or plaque.

Whitening Teeth

There are two procedures used within his office. One is called zoom, where a high strength bleaching solution is applied to the teeth as a light is used to shine on them and within an hour they are several shades lighter. The second procedure is a take-home fabricated bleaching tray that can be used up to an hour. After 3 days, significant results are shown and after 5-7 times your teeth are just as white as they could get but touch ups will be need 4-6 months later and this is where the trays will be useful again.

If going to the dentist is not an option for someone, Dr. DicCicco mentions that whitening strips over the counter like Crest’s white strips, really do work. Of course the bleaching solution isn’t as strong as the one you can receive at a dentist office but it definitely works to the best level that it could.


Invisalign has become a great factor of dental care, Dr. DiCiccio tells us. It is no longer just for cosmetic reasons but a great way to whiten teeth without having metal braces and of course what it is mostly known for, to straighten teeth. Straightening teeth with braces has been happening for years but straight teeth prevents tartar from building, harboring of plaque and bacteria growth. This has been brought to the attention to health insurances who our now seeing these procedures, like invisalign, to be less of a cosmetic procedure but more for your health.


Dr. DiCiccio’s office in NY can be found at 30 Central Park South, Suite 2C, New York, NY 10019 and the office in NJ can be found at 330 Ratzer Road, Wayne, NJ 07470.


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