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Paris Fashion Week 2014

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Another season has arrived upon us and France was flooded in March with the most extraordinary designers in the fashion industry. The runways all over Paris spilled strong, deep, and vivid color palettes expected for the fall/winter 2014 collections.

Louis-Vuitton-Fall-2014 (1) Louis-Vuitton-Fall-2014 Louis-Vuitton-Fall-Winter-2014-15-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-Glamour-Boys-Inc  024
Louis Vuitton stepped back in time to the era of the Orient Express. Leather luggage spilled forth from a steam locomotive at the Louvre Museum with models carrying and accessorizing with Louis Vuitton hat boxes and vanity cases. This season, creative director Marc Jacobs combined Vuitton’s signature bold pattern with brocades, bejeweled buttons, and flashy sequins. This line consisted of showing off the heavy long coats for the fall season in chocolate browns, rustic reds, and a slight pop color of deep gold. Louis Vuitton’s forecast for the fall and winter is to bring out old romance and travel to our wardrobe.
Miu Miu’s catwalk had the “power woman” strut with their fall line filled with trouser suits. These power suits had Miu Miu’s flare with bold prints, rich colors, jewels, and pop colored heels. Nothing was held back especially all the different prints of paisley, plaid, checkered, suede, and even medallion hippie suit jackets. Feminine ties added a bold fresh that contrasted one print up against another.
Karl Lagerfeld took Chanel’s fashion week in Paris with a different kind of smoke than Marc Jacobs did. Set in the Grand Palais, Lagerfeld constructed life-size smokey quartz and amethyst to be the center focal point of the runway. The Fortress of Solitude may have been dark and gloomy but just like in the depths of every secret cave there is beauty and shimmer from the crystals. These models were perfect representations of beauty with tweed jackets that glittered to capture and reflect light. Oversized jackets were combined with velvet trousers and topped with crystal encrusted heels. The outfits also donned on a new line of mini handbags in classic shapes even having an adorable three year old take his time on the catwalk with an over the shoulder quilted bag.
This fall/winter 2014 collections are eager with showing off the trending pop color but with earthy undertones. Along with new trends, old trends such as stripes, cashmere, micro designs, leather and more gave fashionistas in Paris a glimpse of their upcoming fall wardrobe. Upcoming is the men’s fall/winter fashion week for 2014 and is set for June 27 to July 1.


Nicole Eventoff can be regularly found working editorial, fashion designer campaigns and runway for New York Fashion Week. Nicole has recently launched “Hair Jewels by Nicole Cyrese”. The brand is built around the vision that every woman deserves to feel like a fashion icon.

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