We Tested And Rated! Top Sunless Tanning Products

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Want to bronze minus the sunburn or aging rays? Then try the best sunless tanning product picks for this summers, ‘Sunless Tanning Edition.’

Broad spectrum UV exposure is healthy for us in increments of about 15 minutes per dose, but not the hours that it usually takes to get a nice golden tan. Anything more than the recommended dosage is damaging to the dermal layer of the skin, as it results in damage to its collagen and elastin. What does that mean? It means more wrinkles and fine lines are on their way at a much faster rate, so be smart when exposing yourself to indoor or outdoor tanning!

As a long time user of sunless tanners, below are top tanners for all your sunless tanning needs.

 ULTA Brand Tinted Self Tanning Gel

This product is for those who want an even, daily, all over glow, getting the applicant to a natural half to full shade darker, without staining your palms/hands. It dries quickly, is very absorbent, and gives a fantastic all over color. A recommended purchase along with the gel is the ULTA brand Sunless Mitt, as it makes the application much easier to apply with little to no mess.

Body Drench – Quick Tan Instant Bronzing Spray

For those who want to spray their way to bronze, Quick Tan Instant Bronzing Spray by Body Drench ranks high up for an instant tan via spray. The perfect product to use for that special occasion bronzing, it’s the go to product for that little extra bronze on the legs and décolleté. With a light, non invasive fragrance, this spray dries quickly, and sprays even & continuously throughout leaving not a single blotch. If you’re showing more skin, this is the way to go.

 Dolce Sunless Serenity

This all natural tanning spray is made from the sweetest things on Earth.  The aloe based formula includes all natural ingredients and fruit extracts.  Once sprayed, it leaves an instant bronze, which develops into a beautiful tan lasting up to 5-7 days. For more info contact

Lorac Tantalizer Body Bronzing Spray

A quick drying, long wearing bronzer that is water and transfer resistant, Lorac is the perfect spray for your legs to erase those imperfections while adding a sun kissed glow. For a mess free application, use the pro puff applicator to apply the product, or just spray away.

Made In The Shade, Self Tanner, SPF 15

This triple action formula not only gives you a deep dark tan, but it also protects your skin from the sun as the anti aging properties leave your skin soft and smooth. The extra added bonus about this product? It’s Vegan!

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for Face & Decollete

Applied with a cotton pad, this self tanner ensures perfectly even results regardless of what ones skintone is. For the darkest results, add an extra coat. Leaving your skin soft, moisturized, and protected, this is the ideal product for your face & décolleté.

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