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The Responsibility Of Power

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A comic book character had an interesting catchphrase; with great power comes great responsibility. It seems almost too simple, yet in actuality, holds a larger truth inside. In our world, the realm of entertainment holds a valuable sway over the majority. The average folks live and die on their favorite soap, primetime television, and sport team. Our entertainment is what makes us tick on a day to day, and those in the field are almost deities, accepting our adulation. But there is more to it.

This responsibility is easily manhandled, with a good portion of those in the spotlight abusing it. Regardless, if they are making albums for tweens or movies for all ages, sometimes there is a disconnect. Whether it be outwardly utilizing drugs, manipulating naive minors, or other haphazard acts, it seems that there is an air of Icarus. They fly to close to the shining sun of fame, forgetting that they are idols, role models, and teachers. Others take the power they hold and promise things to forward their own perverse ideals. There isn’t much a doe eyed youngster wouldn’t do to gain fame, fortune, or both.

The pressure our leaders face is tremendous, but like it or not, they did sign up for this. They have morals, policy, and righteousness to protect. Of course, this comes on the heels of some very serious allegations dealing with a very famous director, over the last few weeks. Whether true or not, it does show us that power is very easily mishandled, and that addictions, whatever their nature, can destroy not only yourself, but those around you. No one deserves to have their youth taken from them, and no one should allow lives and dreams to be broken to satisfy some sick appetite.

We can take some lessons from any sort of literature, even comics. Some quotes out live the individuals that state them, living on in some sort of infamy. The truth is, we cannot lose ourselves in the power that is given to us. Lives, careers, and the very spirit of what we do hangs in balance. What we do next is in our hands.

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