To free or not to free the nipple, that is the question.

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Women as a gender have come a long way in terms of equality. We have fought for equal rights in education, job opportunity and upward mobility. Now more than ever women are equal to a man in almost every aspect. One controversial issue that still remains in question is the right for women to be topless in the same way a man does.

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Free the nipple is the new trend that some women are focusing their attention on. But I ask why. I have spoke to some women about why they feel that it is important to expose their breasts anytime, anywhere. The response I received was all the same, “If men can walk around shirtless, than why cant women? If we are equal in every way, and have the same rights, why is it okay for men to take off their shirt on a hot day but women must trap their nipples behind fabric?”

Well let me tell you why in the most common sensed aspect. Women’s breasts are SEXUAL. Sexual in a way that when Men AND women see a naked breast, they INSINCTIVLY get turned on and aroused. Maybe not EVERYONE but I would argue over 50 % of people view breasts in a sexual manner. The bottom line is we are made differently when it comes to sexual organs; Men have balls, women have breasts. Do men fight for the right to expose their balls to the world? Of course not, mainly because not many people want to see that on their daily commutes. Some things will NEVER be exactly equal and that is OKAY.

So why do some women think its SO very important to be topless? I would like to think that women could except and respect the fact that we are not made the same in the sexual organ department. On that note, they should find it important to expose their breasts to people that would respect them naked and clothed. Do I want the pervert down the block staring at my nipples when I walk down the street? NO way! Can people control themselves when they see a pair of sweet tits? Probably not everyone, in fact people may interpret it as an open invite. And I can see why. It should be a privilege to see a woman’s breasts not an equal right.

Don’t get me wrong; I love boobs, much like any other person. But when it comes to fighting for equality for my gender, I don’t see how any logical women can think this is the way to do it. We fight for the rights to be respected, have equal pay, and to be valued like a man. If anything I want to see my gender more clothed because it shows respect for your body, and it shows you value what you have. Not every chuck, joe and larry have the pleasure to see you naked or half naked.

So ladies, please, when you call your self a feminist, understand what you are fighting for. Not for you to be topless like a man, but to have a powerful education and the right to excel in life WITHOUT your body but WITH your mind.

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    March 30, 2016 at 4:15 am

    I am a feminist, and I believe that man and woman should be equal in all aspects. I understand that yes, the male and female body are very different, however as a society we have over sexualized the woman’s body over the man’s. Biologically the male and female breast are the same, the only difference is that females have more tissue then males. That’s like if someone’s hair is curlier than someone else’s, they’re the same thing just different. So why is fair that on a hot summer day, a man can take off his shirt, however a woman must leave hers on because society deems it as “sexual” even though male breast aren’t? Why should we get the short stick when it comes to having the same breast anatomy as the male? The famale breast is biologically not a sexual organ they are there to provide food for babies, however society created it as a sexual thing. Penises, testicals, and vaginas are all sexual organs and should be covered. Balls and female breast are not the same as you compared them, male breast and female breast are the same, the only difference is one is legal and one is illegal, and it’s no surprise that it’s the male breast that is legal. I guess to each is own but I find a woman out topless to be empowering, she shows the strength that all women and men are equal and that the government should keep their laws off of our bodies. I respect your opinion, but from one woman to another I hope you can try to see why the free the nipple is important. It’s all about equality 🙂 If you change your mind on the issue I hope you can come to one of the free the nipple events, they’re so moving, empowering and really opens your eyes to the world we live. And even if you don’t want to take your top off that totally okay! It’s your choice, and shouldn’t every women get the same choices as men? That’s the beauty of equality 🙂 and I hope one day we can achieve complete and total equality!

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