Face-kini craze or just craziness?

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China is usually known for their level of advancement and extreme knowledge on just about anything and everything. When you see a new impressive product on the market in the United States chances are it was made in China. Let’s face it, when it comes to anything, ranging from clothes to technology, the Chinese are excelling. Or so it seems.

What is Face-kini?

So what is the latest highly advanced trend/product in China, you may be wondering? Face bikinis. It is a full head mask that is also known as a ‘face-kini’, which is usually accompanied by a long-sleeve bodysuit to protect from the sun’s UV rays that is worn on the beaches of China. Yes, you read that correctly, a bikini for your face. The Chinese have named this “trend,” the Face-Kini. Bikinis for your face are real, they’re just plain weird and a tad bit creepy. This unflattering piece of beach accessory was designed nine years ago in China as a way for people to protect the skin on their faces from the sun.

Beach goer wears a face-kini

The Face-Kini originated in Qingdao, East China’s Shandong province. The mask was originally intended to block the sun’s rays, but users have also found that it has protected them from insects, jellyfish and algae.

Dr. Philip Miller, Facial Plastic Surgeon located in New York, New York shares his insight on the sun-protective face mask,”Interesting fashion statement but probably no more effective than good sun screen lotion protection, a lot more uncomfortable and no matter how you try to prevent it, very odd inevitable tan lines.”

face-kink masks in China

The Face-Kini also comes paired with a body suit for full body coverage. Cause who goes to the beach for the sun, right? These masks come in many different colors and designs and sell for 15 to 25 Yuan ($2.44 to $4.07). They are usually handmade from materials like old swimsuits or even underwear.

If you’re willing to risk a possible jellyfish sting for some tan lines and a day in your swim trunks/bikini after working hard all year at the gym for that great body, I would suggest staying out of China in the summer. Or else you might be the only person on the beach not wearing the Face-Kini – sticking out like a sore thumb.


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