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Find the Perfect App with Knicket

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Knicket is the first and only search engine for apps that is as easy as using Google, but more fun!  To search, simply enter a term that describes the type of app you’re looking for, then select your price range (including free). Knicket allows you to further sort the results by selecting categories including release date, rating, maturity, and even related keywords. Based on the keywords selected, Knicket will display apps that are associated with those keywords, while still fitting your criteria.

Using this smart searching technology, Knicket makes it easier than ever to find the newest, most interesting apps to change the way you interact with your device.  You will find everything you could ever need on Knicket, from the fun to the helpful. Knicket catalogs all of the apps in an easy to find way, ending your days of seeing the same search results from your favorite app store. Knicket is one of the latest and greatest finds in the app world.

Here are just a few new apps you’ve never heard of because you haven’t been using Knicket.

  • Matter: This app is the next generation in photo editing. From the team that brought you Tangent, an App Store best of 2013 app, comes Matter.  Everyone is familiar with filters and drawing squiggly lines over their photos, but Matter takes your photo editing to the next level. Now you can insert 3-D objects and graphics into your photos. Also, you can save your work as a high resolution image, or even as a video with your 3-D object moving.
  • Digify: Think Snapchat meets Dropbox. With Digify, you can send files quickly and safely, with a self-destruct timer that deletes your files from the recipient’s device after a predetermined amount of time. Recipients can’t forward, copy, or download your files. Not only that, but built in safeguards prevent the recipient from taking a screen shot of your file. All of these protections come with the ability to track who has viewed your file, how often they have viewed it, and how long they viewed it for. Digify is the ultimate in secure file sharing.
  • Yo: Yo is an incredibly simple messaging app. It allows you to choose friends to send a message to with ease, but the catch is it doesn’t allow you to write the message. Yo allows you to say just that, “Yo”—nothing more, and nothing less. Like most things, time will tell just how useful this app may or may not become!

If these seem interesting to you, just think of all the other apps you could find on Knicket! All of these apps can be found quickly and easily with Knicket’s smart search technology. That is what Knicket does for you, it helps you find the newest, latest, and greatest apps for your mobile device. It catalogs apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, so don’t worry, your device is covered!

Available in English, German, and French, Knicket is the premier destination for app search. Head over today to find out what you have been missing!

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