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Throughout the years women are always looking for ways to continue looking youthful. It becomes a little bit more challenging to keep up with that youthful glow we all have and lets not lie to ourselves, times really fly by and before you know it you’ll be hitting an age where things aren’t as easy as when you were in your younger years. While it would be lovely to freeze time and keep on living in our prime years we can’t forget that it is possible to prevent rapid aging with exercise, eating right, nourishment and getting the proper treatments targeting areas that matter the most.

Located in Hoboken, NJ at the Sky Club Fitness and Spa, EC Beauty Studio and Spahas been in business for 5 years, specializing in customized treatments for clients, making it a rejuvenating experience every time. Founder Erica Cerpa and esthetician for 10 years, has found a way to create unique services that many other spas aren’t able to provide.

Before every treatment there is a consultation to touch on points that each client wants to focus on the most so that when the treatment of choice begins, it is possible to truly center in on it for the best experience.


EC Beauty Studio and Spa’s top 3 services are the custom facial, LPG Endermologie and spray tanning.

Custom Facial

EC beauty spa

During the service of the custom facial, products that are going to be used will be specifically picked out for the client. For example, if they have dry skin products will be used to target dry skin, if there are sections where there is more build up than others each part will be treated as needed or if there is an area that needs the most attention the proper steps will be taken. Everything is designed just for you!

LPG Endermologie

The LPG Endermologie service is a deep tissue massage that is used to detox, slenderize the body and help with the improvement of cellulite. When working on the removing of cellulite a rolling up and down movement is done to lift up the skin to smooth and flatten. In order to see maximized results more than one visit is needed. In the beginning, the treatments are done 3 times a week then midway through it is shorten to 2 times a week and weighs off within the months depending on how much is needed.

Spray Tanning

EC beauty spa

The service of spray tanning without the damage of the outdoor sun, will give you a beautiful golden glow that is also customized with each personal skin tone. The ingredients are beets and DHA with no alcohol or artificial colors; an FDA approved sugar cane. It is a healthier alternative way of spray tanning that many tanning salons don’t offer with the solution of 99% natural.

These services are just a glimpse of what great things happen at EC Beauty Studio and Spa. It is a place that not only women go but also men for the most efficient treatments within hours, from the ages 26 to 50.

Erica has created a space to go to feel rejuvenated and target problem areas with great success. She is also in the process of creating a satin pillow that leaves no lines on the face after a nights rest. Stay tuned for that, because we are definitely excited!

For more information on EC Beauty Studio and Spa visit

or the Hoboken location at:

SkyClub Fitness and Spa

125 Marshall St., 7th Floor

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