Top 10 Sexiest Players in the NFL

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As our fathers, brothers, boyfriends, guy-friends and/or any other men in our lives continuously remind us lately, FOOTBALL SEASON IS BACK! So for us who may not be the biggest NFL fans, but enjoy spending time with our men, even while they go crazy over their favorite teams every Sunday, Monday and Thursday during games, why not make it fun for us too? If you’re anything like me, you’re definitely scoping out the hotties in tight pants running up and down that football field. After all aren’t the men the most important part of football? Uhhhh… I think so!

So here it is ladies and gentlemen, in descending order, the top 10 hottest players in the NFL. You’re welcome in advance.

10. Rob Gronkowski; Tight End – New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski | SOCIAL

9. Cam Newton; Quarterback – Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton | SOCIAL

8. Trent Edwards; Quarterback – Oakland Raiders


7. Victor Cruz; Wide Receiver – New York Giants

Victor Cruz | SOCIAL

6. Reggie Bush; Running Back – Detroit Lions

Reggie Bush | SOCIAL

5.Tom Brady; Quarterback – New England Patriots

Tom Brady | SOCIAL

4. Dez Bryant; Wide Receiver – Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant | SOCIAL

3. Mychal Kendricks; Linebacker – Philadelphia Eagles

2. Eric Decker; Wide Receiver – New York Jets

Eric Decker | SOCIAL

1. Miles Austin; Wide Receiver – Cleveland Browns

Miles Austin | SOCIAL




Well, wasn’t that fantastic?


If you never had too much of a reason to watch the games before, I’m sure you do now! Check out these all stars and their teams this season and be sure to cheer them on! Even if it’s not for the touchdowns, but more for how amazing they look in those pants. Am I right?


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